Aarrow wood burning & multifuel stoves

Who?: Aarrow are manufactured in the UK by Arada.

This brand can be described as: Made in the UK, of very good quality and with an amazing lifetime guarantee.

What we particularly like: Lifetime guarantee. Good quality. Made in the UK. Beautiful website (see this page for an excellent image of how airwash works and some of their other innovations). Aarrow offer a couple of very small stoves (Acorn 4 kW and 5kW) which are useful for those with a smaller recess. The Ecoburn Plus series is the mainstay of the brand. The Aarrow Farringdon and i600 Slimline are superb examples of modern, cutting edge designs. Aarrow are at the forefront of modern stove design and as of 2017 leading the way in the move towards stoves with the lowest possible emissions (the Farringdon stoves being amongst the first to be "Eco Design ready" so as to comply with European regulations due to come into force during 2022).

Niggles: None to mention.

Best sellers from this brand: The Ecoburn Plus 5 is the best seller (5kW stoves sell more in the UK than any other output) with Aarrow offering smaller and larger outputs within the Plus range.

Their website can be found at: http://www.aradastoves.com and their stoves, at a glance, can be found here http://www.aradastoves.com/our-stoves