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Aarrow (£850+)

Aarrow are manufactured in the UK, by Arada, to very high standards, with a fantastic lifetime guarantee. We love the innovations at the heart of these Aarrow stoves which can be seen in a little more detail on their website: here.

Aarrow offer a couple of very small stoves (Acorn 4 kW and 5kW) which are useful for those with a smaller recess. Their range also includes superb examples of modern, cutting edge designs with stoves like the Farringdon and i600 Slimline.

The Ecoburn Plus 5 is the best seller. We find the Ecoburn Plus 5, Ecoburn Plus 5 Widescreen and the Ecoburn Plus 4 all firm favourites and within our top 20 selling stoves.

Not all Aarrow stoves are represented on our website. If you find a model that is not represented and desire a price please contact us.

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