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Charnwood stoves are made in the UK: manufactured on the Isle of Wight. They are generally highly regarded by retailers and installers. 

Most Charnwood stove models are available in wood or multifuel options, with log stores and in a wide section of colours. It is worth mentioning that the colour options are sprayed rather than enameled (we like this as enamel is prone to cracking and spayed stoves can easily be resprayed if required).

Charnwood does tend to keep up with the latest trends and technologies and, as a company, are a member of the SIA (Stove Industry Alliance).

We REALLY like their rear flue adaptor: Charnwood stoves utilising this clever adaptor can have rear flue connection and yet can still be swept from the inside; this is perfect for shallow recesses. Why do all manufacturers not have such a feature?

The C4 and C5 are our best selling Charnwood stoves and both feature in our top 20 best selling stoves across the store.

At the time of writing the letters, BLU added to the end of a stove's title designates that particular stove as Ecodesign Ready.

It is rumoured that the C4 has, in the past, been Britain's best selling stove. We think this may be due to the cunning ploy of adding a black Labrador to many of their advertising images.

Stovefitter's are an independent reseller of Charnwood stoves and are not associated with Charnwood in any way.

We leave you with a review from one of our customers:

James Johnston03/30/2017

Charnwood C4 (5kW+) Stove

We ordered the Charnwood C4 from stove fitters warehouse. The stove was delivered on time. The C4 is a cracking little stove. Excellent fitting instructions and with the special rear flue adapter makes it the perfect stove for a small opening. Would highly recommend this model to anyone looking for a small stove.