Charnwood wood burning & multifuel stoves

Who?: Charnwood are manufactured in the UK (Isle of Wight) by Charnwood
This brand can be described as: Made here in the UK, excellent quality and famous for much of their advertising literature having a black Labrador somewhere in the images.
What we particularly like: Excellent quality. Made in the UK. Stoves can be wood or multifuel, log store or no log store. Various colours also available (sprayed rather than enamel). Charnwood do keep up with all the latest trends and technologies. We REALLY like their rear flue adaptor: stoves utilising this clever adaptor can have rear flue connection and yet can still be swept from the inside; this is perfect for shallow recesses.
Niggles: None to mention.
Best sellers from this brand: The C4 and C5 appear to be the best sellers (from our sales anyway). The C-Series replaced the old Country range (so Country 4 became C4). It is rumoured that the C4 is Britain's best selling stove.
Their website can be found at:
Stovefitter's are an independent reseller of Charnwood stoves and are not associated with Charnwood in any way.