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Dik Geurts DG Ivar 8 Wood Burning Stove 2020 Model 55 x 54cm


About the DG Ivar 8

Very large glass, huge firebox, highest quality and easily outsmarting many other stoves in the £1k-£1.5k market. Single control. As of the time of writing The DG Ivar is the most controllable stove we have tested and possibly the finest stove on the market today.

Julian, owner of Stovefitter's and author of The Stovefitter's Manual, has an Ivar stove (as do both of his neighbours and the owner's of the local village pub who have two!)

Read more about the Ivar's level of control and why it is important on the page for the slightly smaller Ivar 5.

The Ivar 5 and 8 were designed in 2014 and launched at the Hearth and Home exhibition in Harrogate. They were an instant success for the Dutch company DG (Dik Guerts).

We particularly like the "one control does all" and the removeable door handle. If anything the Ivar 8 is even more aesthetically pleasing than the 5, having more of a landscape aspect. Read more about this stove on the Ivar 5 product page.

Log store

Log storage and a taller stove combined? Choose the "Ivar 8 Log Store" version of this stove. This stove can, if the stove is outside of a fireplace recess, be sited on a hearth with a thickness of just 12mm.


The Ivar 8 is the same stove as the ivar 5 but a little wider providing a more landscape aesthetic.

Customer Reviews

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Output & fuel

Wood only (multifuel with kit).
Nominal 8kW.
Max. 9.34kW

This stove will run happily at 3-9.34kW depending on fuel load. Note that running the stove at a higher fuel level than that specified in the manufacturer's manual may cause degradation of stove innards (firebricks, baffle etc.) although these are usually replaceable.

This stove can burn wood without any modification. Add a multifuel-kit to burn wood or smokeless fuel/coal (easy 5-minute fit).

What size stove to choose? Advice here

Eco credentials

This stove meets and exceeds the new 2022 Ecodesign regulations.

This stove is approved by DEFRA to burn wood in a Smoke Control Area.



Don't overthink efficiency. 75%-85% is fine.

Stoves with 90%+ efficiency may not work so well on shorter chimneys.


Height: 555mm
Height with log store: 850mm
Width: 540mm
Depth: 350mm
Front of pipe to rear of stove: 210mm

Which fitting pack for my liner? Advice here


Viewing area (from outside stove looking in).

Width: 42cm
Height: 32cm


Flue size

6" (125mm) collar top or rear
Can be installed with a 6" chimney liner.


External air YES

Yes, this stove can be fitted with an external air kit. Usually this option is not relevant unless an air vent is required and the property owners are aiming for an airtight space.

See "People also bought" on this page.

Air vent advice here

Body and door

Steel stove (5-year body guarantee) with cast-iron door.

What to buy steel or cast-iron? Do not overthink. Steel heats fast. Cast-iron takes a little longer but retains heat longer as fire dies.


Hearth thickness: minimum 125mm non-combustible material (can include floor thickness).

The Ivar 8 log store version can, if outside of a fireplace recess, be sited on a 12mm thick hearth. Note that the standard leg Ivar 8 must have a full 125mm thickness hearth in all situations.

Hearth regulation advice here

Air gaps

Distance to combustibles SIDE: 450mm (600mm with multifuel kit fitted)
Distance to combustibles REAR: 500mm
Distance to combustibles REAR WITH HEATSHIELD: 200mm

To non-combustibles there are no hard rules but, around the stove, a 50mm minimum air gap is recommended to brick/stone. This to be increased to 100mm for rendered or boarded surfaces. Prior to purchasing any stove download the installation manual to check that manufacturers do not have any additional requirements.

Distances & heat shield advice

Technical info pages (and manuals) on the DG website

Julian's thoughts

I have the 5kW version of this stove and consider the Ivar to be the finest stove I have ever used.

DG Ivar 5 review by Stovefitter's

Note from Julian: Because I sing their praises I get asked if I have any affiliation with DG. I do not. I spotted their stoves in 2014 at the Hearth and Home Show, Harrogate, and have been a dealer ever since. I have no relationship with DG aside from retailing their stoves and get no preferential treatment or trade discounts.

Internal firebox

Width: 470mm
Depth: 270mm
Useable height: 210mm

Capacity: 26,649cm3

Max. output: 9.34kW

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