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Launched 2014 the Ivar 5 swiftly rose to become one of the top three sellers for Stovefitter's during the winters of 2015/16 and 2016/17 - and deservedly so. This was despite the £1k+ price tag (RRP) and stiff competition from the sub £500 models which, being so light on the wallet, are difficult to compete with. Julian (author of The Stove Fitter's Manual) has installed the 5kW in his Cornwall cottage renovation (so ask him if you speak to him ;-). His neighbour was so impressed he installed the 8kW!

The Ivar is a modern, premium steel stove with a hugemongous viewing glass and firebox. The single air control sweeps from left to right and provides a level of control we have not seen before in a stove (as of writing this early 2017).

This stove is recommended for those desiring a modern stove that can pump out 4-7.5kW if required.

We like the name as well. Ivar is Nordic and sounds cool. Perhaps if I have a kid I'll call it Ivar... What? I've left it too late? I'm only 54. Okay a dog then. 
The DG Ivar stove has a distance to combustibles (rear of stove) of 400mm but fit their heat shield directly to the rear of their stove and this is reduced to 150mm.



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  • Does the Ivar have a detachable handle?

    Yes it does. Really useful as the handle is kept cool when not attached!

  • Hello, I am keen to purchase this DG5, can you tell me the warranty length please? Also, do you recommend a supplier of limestone mantel as we need everything from scratch. We currently have a victorian style tiled fireplace. With thanks

    DG ivar 5 has a 2 year manufacturer's warranty. No info on limestone mantels sorry.

  • Hi, what is the cost of the direct air supply option?

    This is shown on the DG brand page

  • Does this stove require a sweep door in the pipe or can the flue be swept from inside the stove?

    It can be swept easily from inside the stove :-)

  • first time of using and there is a lot of smoke in the room, is this to be expected and whatever it is will burn off quickly?

    Yes paint curing. Open a window. Happens first hour or two of burning then goes away.

  • i have a 5kw Ivar which is less than 6 mths old 1 of the rear firebricks has cracked - my supplied is staying this is not covered in the guarantee - is this correct ?

    Hi ,   The firebricks inside any stove will crack with normal use – this is not a fault (firebrick manufacturers run a fine line between good insulating properties and bricks being brittle). This will be the case with most makes and models of stove. The purpose of the firebricks is to help to keep heat in the firebox – cracks will not adversely affect this function as long as the bricks are still in place. If a large crack does develop it can easily be repaired with a small amount of fire cement (use beige if you don't want to see the crack).    There is no need to change the bricks just because of a crack. If after a longer period of time the bricks have crumbled away so they are no longer sitting in place then that is the time to replace them.   No manufacturer will guarantee firebricks as they are classed as a consumable item.   Try this company for economical replacement parts: www.firespares.co.uk   Kind regards, Julian Patrick 01492 535 852 @Stovefitter's