Ekol Clarity Vision 5 Stove Ecodesign Wood Burning Stove

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A widescreen version of the Clarity 5 (easily takes 16" logs). Launches July 16. Steel stove with a cast iron door. It is likely that this stove will have the largest glass of any 5kW stove on the market! Customers love a window to watch their fire. Stovefitter's Warehouse will be amongst the first retailers to have stocks of this stove and expect that demand will be high. 





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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great quality product

Really pleased with the price, excellent product quality and speedy delivery.
I’ve owned and fitted many stoves over the years and this one rates very highly for its build quality.

Stylish and contemporary

Just had this installed ready for the autumn. Very excited to use it in anger, have only performed a couple of test burns to cure the paint work, but very happy with it so far. Needs a decent amount of kindling to get the heat up enough to burn logs compared with other stoves ive used, but havent had chancew to really put it through its paces yet. Very fast delivery and excellent service from Stovefitterswarehouse! cheers

Fantastic Stove

We have had the Vision for a year now, and used every night throughout the winter.

Duraflue chimney liner

I fitted this chimney liner myself, having never done this before. It was a very straightforward procedure and the liner itself seems robust enough to take some shoving and pulling! No problems with fitting it or use and I would recommend it. The only comment I would make is that there were some particularly jagged bits of one end of the liner that had been cut then shoved inside the liner. this meant I couldn't fit the cowl without bending them outwards which resulted in a decent gash to my thumb! My fault - I should have checked what was going on and used some gloves, but worth bearing in mind for future jobs...

Beautiful but some issues

The Ekol Clarity vision stove is lovely: large window gives the impression that the fire is in the room with you. Output is great and once you get the hang of the airflow controls the glass is kept nice and clear even with a slow burn. My only issue is that the quality of the welds is not great; none of them are smooth and on one corner there was 4mm of excess weld proud of the base of the stove making it impossible to level. Contact with Ekol led to me cutting this off with a hacksaw and an assurance that this doesn't affect the 5 year warranty. Unfortunately this had to be done post install so do check all welds carefully before you fit!