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The Clarity 8 is a modern, steel stove with a cast iron door.






Add £80 and get a hand-burnished door! Essentially the door is stripped of paint and hand polished through four grades of grinding tool with an added high-temperature clear lacquer. Note that each one is unique and small cast imperfections and grinding marks are all part of the character. Allow 6-9 working days for delivery. Silver colour may change a little over time. Note: picture is of the Clarity 5kW, not the 8kW.


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Customer Reviews

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Good, but not perfect

So I bought this a few months ago, but have only recently gotten it in and working. I did a DIY install, and this stove was pretty easy to install, and was signed off by building control.

First the positives: The stove is well made, solid and looks really good. I was really happy with it when it arrived. It was well packaged and as mentioned easy to install. At first, I was skeptical if this stove was actually an 8kw, as its the same size as many 5kw stoves I have seen. I think the main difference is the size of firebox. You can easily get between 4 - 5 meduim sized logs in at once, although this would be running at max. I'm running it with 2 - 3 logs at a time. The heat output is really good, and warms the room quckly.

Negatives: Unfortunatly there are negatives with this stove, but they aren't deal breakers. Firstly, the airwash. I can see the purpose of the airwash system, and it is part of the reason I bought this stove, but for me, it isn't that impressive. I always run my stove up to temerature, and leave the airwash open but the glass always needs cleaning the next day. An airwash doesn't eleminate the need to clean the glass, but it should limit the number of times you need to clean it. Sometimes unseasoned wood can cause this, but I am burning wood at a moisture level of 10 - 11%, so I am dissapointed with this system. Secondly, the primary vent "the one on the door" actually causes damage to the paint. The bolt holding the vent together, when reasonably tight, drags along the outter edge of the stove, removing the paint, which I find frustrating. The bolt holding this vent together is also perminantly loose, which I find slightly unusual. It is a balancing act to keep it lose enough not to scratch the paint and tight enough that it doesn't come off mid burn.

Overall this is a really good mid range stove, and I would recommend. My negative points might not bother some people, but they may help you decide if the stove is right for you.

Thank you James. I have a reply from Ross at Ekol :-) Thank you for taking the time to review the stove and for your comments. We always like to hear customer feedback and will take on board suggestions for improvements. Most people have found the airwash is very effective on the Clarity range. The most significant factor that determines how well and airwash works on any stove is the chimney strength. If you have a strong chimney draught (e.g. a tall straight chimney) the airwash will always be better than for someone with a naturally weak chimney draught (e.g. if in a bungalow or the stove has a relatively short flue such as 5m). As you are burning wood and not coal – if you have a reasonable chimney draw then once the fire is going you should be able to shut the primary vent anyway. Also close the tertiary vent (the lever underneath the stove) and have the secondary (airwash) vent fully open – please try this and see if it makes a difference (it should be noticeable). (note: if you find you need to use the primary vent then it does indicate you have a weak draught to start with). If there is something wrong on the tread of the knob it would be unusual but we can of course send a replacement. Please feel free to call us for any help or advice on 01929 555211. Kind regards Ross
Additional review Ekol Clarity 8

I’ve written a review a month ago and would just like to give some extra praise to this stove. It’s truly excellent. I’m amazed with the heat it’s kicks out. I’m warming 4 rooms with this little gem. Definitely would get this stove again! Can’t fault it. I also love the very effective amazingly sturdy griddle

Ekol Clarity 8 kW

I have been stoking this stove continuously for a week now and find it very satisfactory. It is robustly build with a good griddle and ash tray. As it is a defra approved stove you cannot shut it right down like many other stoves I have owned. I know that environmentally it isn't a good idea to shut the stove completely down but as I sometimes want to dampen the fire more down then possible with this stove, I installed a damper in the flue solving this problem. The controls of the stove slide open and shut contrary to the way I expected them to operate but you get used to that very soon. I was a bit taken aback with the size of the stove it is much smaller than my clearview 8 kW stove and although it does the job of heating very well, I would have preferred it to be a little larger.

Ekol Clarity 8

We’ve just purchased and installed the Ekol Clarity 8 and were very happy with it. It’s only been lit once but is very warm and is a beautiful stove. Stove Fitter’s we’re excellent and everything arrived (we purchased a fitting pack) as expected and on time. The installations was also very smooth and we benefitted from the adjustable feet of the stove to take account of the slightly uneven hearth I fitted myself! Overall very happy and will be using stove Fitters again when we put another stove next year. I might even try the installation myself having only lined the chimney on this occasion using the excellent information on stove fitters manual.

Great website, good price

Fantastic website - very very helpful in researching configuration and requirements. Many thanks for this.

I would still recommend looking at stoves in the flesh and speaking to manufacturers. The stove I bought was well packaged and delivered promptly (direct from manufacturer).

In terms of discussing my particular configuration I probably had a better experience speaking directly to the manufacturer who was very helpful with the details. Calls to the stove warehouse were a bit rushed - in the couple of calls I made I felt they were very busy and needed to be somewhere else. On one occasion I asked two questions to stove warehouse and then the same to the manufacturer (Saltfire) re flue and hearth and the difference was quite stark).

But this is a minor quibble - the website is a fantastic, the prices on stoves seem very keen and the services is prompt and reliable.

I definitely recommend them.

Nonetheless this is a minor