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Peanut - Light your fire, and fast!

Imagine for a moment that it is deepest mid-winter, Game of Thrones style. You are sofa-deep in your newspaper, book, or magazine (or more likely the latest video box-set). You lay down your reading material (or reach for the remote) and arise to replenish your drink/grab a sandwich/take a moment. You notice the fire is almost out. You frown. Kindling, firelighters, small logs, a more giant log or two on top. Not that all over again?

We have all been there. It's a faff.

But owners of Peanut stoves chuckle to themselves. A few red embers left? A sprinkling of smouldering? No worries - the Peanut will deal with it. Who needs kindling? You add your logs and open the Peanut's Primary air control, this concentrating airflow within a small square at the centre of the stove's base and is very powerful indeed: a wannabee fantastical flame-thrower. As long as you have just a few small red embers, your logs will light, and light fast.

And that is why we love the Peanut range.

Not just that of course. Finally, a contemporary stove range manufactured in cast iron. Here at Stovefitter's, this makes us very, very happy. There are examples of cast-iron stoves till going strong after a hundred years of use so well done Saltfire for such an innovative range - and Ecodesign-Ready and Defra approved as well. Cast iron stoves are well known for strength and durability but also for retaining heat long after the flames start to fade (although with "Fast Lighting" you will not be worrying too much about "the fade").

The Peanut 5 is part of a brand new range of stoves from Saltfire launched to the market during January 2019. It has an attractive, contemporary design, an 80% efficiency rating and a large viewing window (273mmx  286mm) and is available in standard and tall versions. The stove can be swept-through so no need for a soot door in your flue pipe.



Customer Reviews

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Pleased with Peanut purchase

We had the Peanut 5 fitted a week ago. It's a solid, sturdy and very heavy stove, looks nice, has a particularly big window, and the door handle closes the fire nicely. The stove seems to burn wood well, leaving little ash. The ash pan is surprisingly small but hasn't had a lot in it at all after the few small fires we've had so far as part of the paint curing and stove tempering process. There is a process that is set out in the instructions for building up the size of fires gradually over set hours and then days, so don't bank on having a big fire immediately. The instructions for this process are pretty clear though. The stove seems to light well and has a satisfying way of really drawing air up through the wood, and when adding extra logs it's almost like turning on a switch to ignite the new log when you open the primary air vent.
My only slight worry so far is that the glass has become cloudy very quickly. I still hope it will clean off but had hoped for a clearer view without too much cleaning because of the airwash system. I may have used the primary airflow for too long, or else it's the wood, though it was definitely dry. Other than that very pleased with the choice. It fits well into the space we have with a reasonable airflow on all sides and above.

Lovely matt finish and large firebox

I asked my colleague Emma to review the Peanut for me as I am remote working in Cornwall... Julian Patrick (MD Stovefitter's). Here is Emma's review: The stove looks great, like really great! I wouldn't of put it in the Saltfire range had I not known. It hasn't got the glossy finish some of the images suggest, it's got a lovely matt finish which makes it look extra stylish. Beautiful big window and great sized firebox (unfortunately It was lit before I could measure it but I will do before I light in the morning.)
It's giving off lots of heat, but you can't turn down to full slumber (slumbering is not good). I'm assuming this is because it's Ecodesign.

The top control (airwash) on the top door is a bit tiny but as a rule that's open all the time anyway to keep the glass nice and clean.

However, I really like the bottom air controls. Easy to use and a nice design.