Fitting packs suitable for a 5" liner

To fit a stove into a fireplace you essentially need three things: 1. Stove, 2. Liner, 3. Fitting Pack. The Fitting Pack is "everything you need" besides the liner and stove - all in one pack and includes:

      1. Black vitreous pipe that leaves the stove
      2. Stainless adaptor that goes between vitreous pipe and liner
      3. Stainless cowl (attaches to liner at top of chimney pot). Two choices available although we recommend you choose the Duraflue cowl, 15 year guarantee (RRP £125+)
      4. Data information plate for building regs
      5. Fire cement for sealing any gaps in adaptor joints
      6. Nose cone for dragging liner through chimney

Extra freebies during winter 2017/18: Sealing plate (provides neat and tidy passing of pipe through closure plate into chimney), Useful Items Kit (combined value £40). 

Useful Items Kit contains: Self tappers for securing adaptor to pipe. Fireproof webbing for assisting seals between pipe and stove and adaptor and pipe. Self tappers for sealing plate. Extra strong drill bit for pilot holes. Nut setter for sealing plate screws.

The Fitting Packs below might not be understandable unless you first check out the BEGINNER'S GUIDE that can be found within the menu at the top of the page.

*The only major item not included is the closure plate (the big plate that seals off the chimney) as we suggest you make your own from 6mm or 12mm thick Hardiebacker board (1.2m x 0.8M and available Jewson's, B&Q and all good builder's merchants).

If you are comparing prices of fitting packs online please be aware that I (Julian) have personally selected all of the items in these packs and have chosen each item for longevity and quality. DO IT ONCE DO IT GOOD. Our Vitreous pipe is matt black and of a decent thickness (unlike the wafer thin "eco friendly pipe" sold by some).
Review by confirmed purchaser Matt (Trustpilot): "The quality of the parts is superb, especially the duraflue and the stainless steel cowl. In fact my chimney sweep thought the cowl alone would be £200. Prior to ordering I got a few local quotes and I know I have saved in excess of £1,000."
Review by confirmed purchaser William Whitelaw (Trustpilot): "The Duraflue is much better than a previous sample of cheaper flue. (The cheap stuff could not be cut without unravelling in a razor sharp spiral and collapsed easily)."


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