Island Pellet stoves

Pellet stoves can be fitted with a short "balanced flue" ensuring installation is very simple and swift

Here at Stovefitter's we are extremely proud to be appointed the sole UK retailer for Island Pellet Stoves. We believe that the time is right for pellet stoves "with the aesthetics of the modern wood burning stove". No mess, no lighting, can go up to three days without loading with pellets, pellets easy to store, low emissions, no chance of emissions into room when refuelling and often do not even need anything other than a short run of flue pipe to outside! And we feel very happy being involved because they only burn wood (made into small pellets).
The Lundy 5 is designed and manufactured in the UK by the company's founders who, way back in the mid 1990's, realised "there is not a pellet stove on the market that could replace the roaring log stove that sat in our living rooms". So they decided to do something about that and, seven years later, the Lundy 5 and 8 entered production in South Wales.
"We didn’t only meet our brief but completely exceeded it with high efficiency, low emissions, robustness …. and an award: "Best pellet stove" at the Hearth and Home Show in the UK.
Please contact Island Pellet Stoves direct if you have any questions or wish to order: 0330 111 4747 or
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