Merlin wood burning & multifuel stoves

Our handpicked range of Merlin stoves, have all been carefully built and crafted to perfection. Manufactured with the aim to meet head on, the ever increasing demand for high efficiency and environmentally friendly stoves, we have listed below what sets Merlin stoves apart: 

Design & Concept: The clear cut British design has been designed to offer an ultra clear view of the fire at all times. With simple and uncomplicated lines, these stoves are elegant and attractive. Perfectly suited to both traditional and contemporary homes. 

Performance: A triple chamber construction and low draught starting ensure that the Merlin range is on top of the market when it comes to both performance and emissions. Merlin stoves are highly controllable, which do not require any additional components or accessories. 

Technology: Rapid air movement can be achieved in seconds, allowing instant, easy lighting of the stove. No fussing, no pampering, just ease of use.