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Saltfire ST-X and Peanut Stoves are designed and distributed in the UK, in Dorset - excellent value for money and an absolute delight to fit. We particularly like that all ST-X and Peanut stoves can be fitted to a 5" liner, can be placed on a 12mm hearth (when freestanding) and the company does not create unnecessary over-rigid rules to do with air gaps to non-combustible materials. Saltfire is a pleasure to deal with and their customer service is superb. 

Saltfire stoves are designed and developed in Dorset. The Peanut range of contemporary cast-iron stoves are both innovative and bold and will surely rock the market during 2019 and beyond. Cast iron and contemporary - we love it! We particularly like what we call the "turbo" feature: add new logs to a fire that has almost gone out, open up the air controls and watch those new logs ignite. No more stressing because the fire burned down too far. Great feature.