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Remora Flue Pipe Fan

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The Remora Flue Pipe Fan is the latest addition to Valiant's Stove Fan family, designed for stoves and spaces that do not suit other stovetop fans* (Not suitable in situations were twin wall flue is used.

Modelled off of our best selling Premium 4, but with magnetic wings that are stable to over 400°c, the Remora is quick to attach to most 4-7” flue pipes. It takes no time to get up and running due to its easy starting motor (starting as low as 50°c), distributing heat throughout any living space, keeping you comfortable during cold spells.

*Note from Stovefitter's: the reason many fans fail is the small "motor" gets placed up against the flue and something fries - this motor is always a set distance from the pipe and we like that :-)

Creates a gentle airflow to distribute warmth throughout the room

Perfect for cool top, irregular surface, soapstone or angled top stoves

Simply place on flue pipe, light your stove and feel the warmth

Heat from the flue pipe generates electricity to power the fan

Suitable for all single skin flue pipes with a magnetic attraction (not suitable for twin wall)

Attractive durable satin black anodised finish

Blade and tool is packed separately within the box for product safety – needs simply fitting.

Easy starting as low as 50 °C
Fits 99% of flue pipes


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LAUNCHED BY VALIANT 20 JANUARY 2018. What a smashing idea...

We have had a fan for years at home and my wife swears by it. I took it home to test and now she will not let me have it back. I told her it was expensive and that I wasn't made of money and she said said she reckoned it saved a quid a day on logs so she had done me a favour :-0 I must admit that this new fan is much neater and tidier than the freestanding one we have.

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