Ekol ApplePie 4kW+ small wood stove for shacks, home office, shacks, boats, vans conservatories, glamping and small rooms



Also known as "Apple Pi" the Ekol ApplePie is a small, modern Ecodesign wood burning and multifuel stove that loves small spaces: snug, home office, shed, boat, caravan, bedroom, extension, conservatory, glamping, van and any small room that needs warming.

Although many will install this stove solely for warmth and ambience there are those who will desire to make a brew and the ApplePie can oblige with the small addition of a Top Cook Plate (and Pot Safety Rail for added security). 

All customers can choose to create a hot snack using the stove's internal griddle plate (this is inserted once a suitable bed of red embers has been created) and this is included free with every stove.

For those wishing to test their culinary skills further a top oven is available.

The ApplePie can burn wood or solid fuel. If not being installed in a permanent dwelling (if being installed in a narrowboat, caravan, shed, garden office this small stove may be suitable for a 4" chimney flue.

Useful install/safety diagram: small stove in a boat/van/shack

All stoves include two handles - wood and stainless steel (interchangeable).

Arriving Oct 3rd give or take a few days

We shall let the images sell this beautiful stove concept:




Customer Reviews

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Apple Pie

very please with the look of the Apple Pie, and looking forward to a cold snap to really get to appreciate it! Both the Flue and accessories and the fire were delivered exactly as stated, we are just waiting on the fitter to complete the work, upon which I will be happy to send you a photo of it in place.
Many Thanks

Innovative and beautiful

I first saw these at the Hearth and Home Exhibition summer 2019 and was extremely impressed. Until now the main choice for a small stove (3-4.5kW) has always been the Salamander Hobbit. Well now the Hobbit has a rival and a rather special one at that. Well done Ekol.