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Woodford 7kW+ Ecodesign Wood Burning and Multifuel Stove

Fuel/heatshield options


The Woodford stoves are manufactured in Devon, England - land of fudge and cream teas (and wood burners). Brand new for 2018 the Woodfords have a lifetime guarantee (so stay healthy) and boast a simple, easy to use air control system for the simplest of folks.

A removeable handle is a neat feature and we like that Woodfords are all SIA approved (so you'll be okay if you are invited to one of Sadiq's soirees).

The Woodford 7 is 7kW, 2kW more than the 5kW ;-) It is made of steel.


THIS PAGE IS BEING UPDATED OVER THE SUMMER 2020 and hence has limited information.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Wood ford 5kw multi fuel stove

Really good quality stove would highly recommend them to any one that wants a nice little wood burner for a new build .Also I would I like to recommend stove fitters as they where very knowledgeable and great to deal with 5* rating

Reduced log consumption!

‘I have just installed my brand new SIA Eco design ready Woodford 5kw (recently approved by HETAS) and I have to say I am very impressed. Several things actually please me, firstly and most importantly my fuel consumption has dropped 3 fold. I’m literally putting 3 x less fuel on the Woodford compared to my old stove that wasn’t SIA Eco Design Ready. Secondly the build quality is second to none, being made in England you’d expect the quality to be high but this usually comes with a high price but not in this case, the Woodford is probably the most competitively priced stove in its class.’

‘I also love all the features you really do get a lot of stove for your money, I particularly like the smooth control and how much range and controllability that give you.’

Thanks Ryan! Ryan is Director of the company that distributes the Woodford stoves and is therefore biased in favour ;-) He does however have one fitted in his own home and is an all round good egg.