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A review of Duratwin Twin Wall Flue by NUTECGROUP

Dear Julian, As promised here is my review of the Duraflue Duratwin Twin wall.

As an avid fan of Duraflue liner I was really keen to try out the new Duratwin Twin wall and I can honestly say that it is the best twin wall product we have used. I was particularly impressed by robust locking bands with their double-lock mechanism as well as the quality of build and the ease of assembly.

Having been a massive fan of Poujoulat I didn’t think I would be tempted away from using them but the sheer quality has won me over. This is really important when you’re up a ladder: ‘no messing’ top quality product and this item was certainly that!

I have to make special comment to the extending telescopic roof kit (1.5-2.5 m) support designed and supplied for this product as I have never seen such a well built and sturdy chimney bracket as that supplied with the kit. It was more solid than a 5mm steel bracing bracket I have had specially made previously and that is saying something!

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I need a product I can trust and as want my customers to have the best possible material available (not just the cheapest) so from now on Dura Flue is that product. Also what was interesting is that it was less expensive than my previous Twin wall product!

What I also liked is that  Dura flue is a brand leader who many customers have heard of when looking on the internet and having a both liner and twin wall under the one brand means I can be assured what I am giving to my customer! I would also make special mention of Julian and his team whom we are ever annoying with last minute alterations and adjustments and would like to thank them for making our life that little bit easier. Really appreciated!

Dave Parker & Eddy Janaway – NUTECGROUP – Stoves & Kitchens – Aberdare – South Wales

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