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Main schedule & deadlines


First thoughts

I see us having a main design area plus surrounding other areas. Surrounding to maybe be VIEWS and MENU. Just ideas to start the ball rolling.


DONE Stove
PRIORITY 1 Vitreous pipe list
PRIORITY 1 Stove profiles


All of the following misc. topics are on the same page:

PRIORITY 2 Warnings and observations
PRIORITY 2 Traffic light system
PRIORITY 2 Automatic happenings
PRIORITY 1 Brackets tool
PRIORITY 2 Extras Box Manually choose product
PRIORITY 3 Add human figures
PRIORITY 1 Force feed the customer a Twin To Single Adaptor

PRIORITY 1 Random list of "to do's"


Paid to Cobalt Techno
What the customer pays


OVERVIEW Scenarios

Menu: Tools

DONE Adjustable parts highlighter
DONE Gap checker

Menu: Drawing examples

Leads to an area where one can see "past examples" of drawings of this particular "scenario". For example if you are in "OP1: Past Guttering" then here you can see examples of drawings. I would like to be able to add any drawing here via the click of a button. E.g. I would like to create a design myself and then click to add it here. It would be good to have two areas here: "Good Designs" and "Failed Designs". Each should have a box where I can add notes (to say something about the draing e.g. "this one is a failure because... etc.).


Top down view and pivot and twist <<<THERE IS A PDF WITH A BETTER WAY AND I SENT IT TO CHRIS



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