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"Fusion Inside" Twin Wall

Fusion twin wall flue is designed by Duraflue to run alongside their more widely known Duratwin flue. It is aimed at those able to spend a little more for a sleeker chimney system that is as aesthetically pleasing as is possible. To achieve this the designers have managed to retain joint strength without having locking bands at every joint.

Locking bands connect one piece of twin wall to another. Functional and strong, in most instances they look fine and fit for purpose. But inside a living room, close to the stove, some see locking bands as looking a little too functional. For installers locking bands can also get in the way of adding a round or oval finishing plate inside the house to the point where a flue passes through a wall at forty five degrees. 

Fusion is quite a lot more expensive than standard Duratwin (some 35% to 50% again on top of the standard price on a complete system) but can be used just in the area where aesthetics are most important e.g. in the fireplace area, in the room where the stove will provide a focus. Outside of this area standard twin wall flue with locking bands can be added (a Fusion to Duratwin 50cm length provides the link between the two systems).

At Stovefitter's we usually quote for Duratwin, which we know and love, whilst also offering customers the option to upgrade to "Fusion inside" (Fusion inside room where stove resides and also through any wall if the situation demands this). The increase in price varies depending on the Scenario but typically ranges from £75 to £200. Of course, we are happy to quote for a full system in Fusion if required. 

This is what locking bands look like:

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