Main schedule

Start with the first Scenario: IP1 Stove inside with internal flue then out through roof (can also be re-used as the basis for "OP1 flue out through wall and up past guttering (not gable end)" as this is almost the same - just has pivot views as additional feature.
1. "Scaling" of "building designer" and flue to work as intended
2. Add stove-creator and stove-aspect-chooser (see STOVE)
3. Add all parts vitreous and twin wall (you have all this info I believe) including graphics and description
4. Highlight adjustable parts button and enable method of adjustment (see 5. ADJUSTABLE PARTS HIGHLIGHTER)
6. Gap checker (SEE GAP CHECKER) or feature as you come up with for this purpose
This should enable us to...
7. Completely finish IP1 (and OP1 as almost exactly same although Op1 has pivot views as additional feature).)
I suggest we get IP1 and OP1 completely finished so as to be polished and complete. This will allow us to set the standard for the remaining scenarios. To include "making all look pretty". To include list of products compiling as the flue is built with prices and total so customer can see price. 
8. Create a "reasonable looking" menu with things in the right place
March 7th to complete steps 1-8 to completion
Other Scenarios: Outside property

9. OP2: Stove within an "apex-roof property" with flue out through wall and up past guttering ON A GABLE END.

10. OP3: Stove within a "flat or sloping roof property" with flue out through wall and up past guttering.


March 31st all above completed


Other Scenarios: Inside property

11. IP 1: Roof with apex<< this

12. IP 2: Flat/sloping roof detached property

13. IP 3: Extension with flue using existing property

14. IP 4: Extension with flue NOT using existing property


April 31st all above completed


15. Refine menu so as to be perfect

16. Create user videos for each Scenario (Julian) but app to link to them

17. Create logo (Julian)

18. Create Opening page of app.

19. BETA: Trade account creation (discounts for trade customers) and ability for trade customer to print off both a price for himself and for customer.

20. Create method where Julian can access a customers drawing to check it over if required

21. Help icons and help text

22. Add link to User Manual (Julian to create manual)

23. Intense polishing and testing

24. Make live so a few others can test (BETA)


May 31st all above completed




24. Payment options for those not ordering from us (will likely have 3 month free period)

25. Link goods-list to Shopify so customer can press a button and order goods

26. Changes and additions required following feedback from polishing/testing/BETA

27. Free slot


June 31st all above to be completed


26. 3D view if possible (CAN BE A FEATURE THAT IS "COMING SOON")


July 31st all above to be completed


Let me know what you think
Kind regards,
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Managing Director 
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