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Morso stoves - squirrel or badger?

Morso stoves - an apprentice smells a rat (or a squirrel?)

I was fitting a Morso stove, a Morso Badger stove to be precise. In Denbigh, in an old school house, a musty place with lots of books and strange owners.

Our little metal heating appliance had stayed in its box since our arrival, some two and a half days earlier. MORSO Stoves, said the box proudly, PURVEYORS TO DANISH ROYALTY. Best not expose it too early I had thought on our arrival, lest its aristocratic feelings be disturbed by our rough banter and sooty faces. Somebody’s bound to spill something on it, or put the glass through whilst manhandling the step ladder or chimney rods. Assault by chimney rod had actually happened to a Morso 04 the previous year but that’s another story, hence another reason for all Morso stoves to be confined to crates until the very last minute.

Anyway, all went well: fireplace exposed, slate hearth down, bricks pointed with the liner having slid easily through the pot and down the chimney.

So with the help of my long term assistant, James, and our abused and underpaid apprentice “Whippet” we unboxed our Morso stove and gently placed it in front of the hearth.

“After three… one, two three lift…. rest it there a moment… one, two three lift… That’ll do. Gently! Is that a scratch on her slate?”

“Okay, drop vitreous pipe in t’ stove collar lad…”

Cups of tea, fire cement, satisfied looks, writing of Hetas certificate and hefty bill…

“Looks good. Do you want to do the smoke-test Whippet?”

“Okay.” (Whippet)

Whippet looking thoughtful.

"What stove did you say it was again?" (Whippet)

“A Badger my little friend, a Morso Badger. You know, black and white smelly thing that lives down a hole and hides from farmers. Someday, when you’ve been doing this a while, you’ll instantly recognise a stove like wot I do”.

“I’m not sure it is a Badger you know…” (Whippet)

Knowing looks between James and my good self.

“And why, young Mr Whippet, are you thinking these strange thoughts? Is a Morso 04? A Morso 06 maybe? Maybe we’ve finally fitted our first Morso Owl?”

“Well it’s got a squirrel on it. Bit daft a company calling it a Morso Badger then putting a squirrel on it.”


I quite like Morso stoves – there is a Morso 04 in an apartment that we used to rent in Cornwall. Going by their popularity other people like Morso stoves. Especially the Danes: Ask a hundred Danes to name a brand of wood burning stove and ninety percent plus would likely say Morso (with a line across the last letter, a miniscule would you know).

Up until the Morso 04, 06 and 08 the company had this habit of calling their stoves after wildlife: Morso Badger, Morso Squirrel, Morso Dove, Morso Owl.

We don't sell Morso stoves any more. Too expensive we feel. Sorry.