Ooops! What if something goes wrong?

Otherwise known as the "brutally honest page".

We assume that you are a sensible, competent person embarking, in a calm and professional manner, on the serious task of installing a solid fuel stove . It follows that you plan projects well in advance and use common sense throughout the project timeline.

When human being are involved things will, at times, go wrong. Our caring staff mess up sometimes. Our wonderful customers mess up sometimes. It is life. Humans are not robots. Our aim is to mess up as little as possible and to learn from our mistakes. Our busiest and most difficult time is Sept/Oct/Nov when over half of our yearly sales take place (hectic).

The lovely, wonderful courier companies ;-) are part of the process and seem to mess up rather more than one might expect. We have no control over any courier company (e.g. Royal Mail, TNT, Palletways etc.) and and when they mess up we are as frustrated as you are. They mess up more in the run up to Christmas when they get very busy.

You as a customer (your key responsibilities)

1. You are now a stovefitter (or project manager), in charge of things. You are saving money by doing it yourself. Planning your "install timeline" is your responsibility.

You don't leave everything to the very last minute. Why? Leaving a reasonable amount of time (at least a week, ideally two) between expected delivery of the goods and the day of the install is common sense and allows rare problems to be rectified. Problems for a stovefitter/project manager can include such things as: wrong part delivered; courier did not deliver on day suggested; customer popped out and missed delivery; typo on postcode; customer gave wrong address; item missed from order; stove damaged; lorry driver collapsed (as one did outside our shop). The list goes on. As a stovefitter I would have the stove and goods delivered at least two weeks prior to the date of my install. 

2. If you make the mistake of leaving everything to the last minute and somebody in the chain makes a mistake then you will accept your fair responsibilty for any chaos or that results and nobody is going to pay you for any resulting financial loss.

3. If you make the mistake of leaving things to the last minute you will not contact a member of our staff and list any of the sufferings caused by this planning error:

"the stuff was supposed to be here yesterday and our installer who we booked 3 months ago is here today and costing us £500 an hour"

"and the scaffolding is only here for one day because it affects the sky dish and the wife wants to watch Simon Cowl"

"so what you going to do about it as this will wreck our Christmas and the dog's depression will get worse if he has any more cold nights?".

4. You will check the goods as soon as they arrive. You will check how they fit together, how they work, that you understand their use/purpose/design etc. and that everything works together as it should (sorry for being bossy but it is honestly for your good: we had one batch of manufacturer's parts that were faulty with customer's discovering this mid-install). Putting goods in the shed until the day of the install without checking the parts are 100% correct is not good common sense.

5. Our staff are human beings with feelings. Please treat them as such.

Stovefitter's (our key responsibilities)

1. If we mess up then we "jump all over it" and rectify the situation as fast as reasonably possible. If a part is wrong and it is our fault we send another (on a next-day delivery if required and if possible). CALL 01492 535 852.

2. We ensure customer receive excellent information via email following ordering of goods.

3. We learn from every "mess up" and put in place procedures to ensure it does not easily happen again.

4. If a courier messes up we strive to discover what has happened and rectify the situation.

5. If a stove is damaged in transit we replace it. Even if you signed for it and did not notice is was smashed into five pieces.

6. If you want your money back then we will arrange for the goods to be collected from your property in a speedy manner.

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