Aarrow are manufactured in the UK, by Arada, to very high standards, with a fantastic lifetime guarantee. We love the innovations at the heart of these Aarrow stoves which can be seen in a little more detail on their website: here.

Aarrow are at the forefront of modern stove design, leading the way to becoming "Eco Design ready” with their Farringdon stoves being amongst the first to comply with European regulations due to come into force during 2022.

Aarrow offer a couple of very small stoves (Acorn 4 kW and 5kW) which are useful for those with a smaller recess. Their range also includes superb examples of modern, cutting edge designs with stoves like the Farringdon and i600 Slimline.
The Ecoburn Plus 5 is the best seller. We find the Ecoburn Plus 5, Ecoburn Plus 5 Widescreen and the Ecoburn Plus 4 all firm favourites and within our top 20 selling stoves.
You can see our range of Aarrow stoves HERE, not all Aarrow stoves are represented on our website. If you find a model that is not represented and desire a price please contact us.


Aduro are a Danish brand, also manufactured in Denmark.

Aduro are very modern and well designed brand. We particularly like the curved glass on some models giving them a very stylish finish.

Aduro also boast a very clever “Gizmo” that regulates the air intake following the addition of new fuel. They are all equipped with an efficient air blowing system which helps to keep the glass free from soot. Aduro stoves carry the Nordic Swan Eco Label (the official sustainability ecolabel for the Nordic countries).

Best sellers in this brand are the Aduro 16 and the Aduro 9. Click through HERE to see our range of Aduro stoves.


The AGA brand is world renowned for both excellence and quality, and their range of wood burning stoves remain true to the core qualities which are now synonymous with the AGA brand. 

Cast Iron AGA stoves are still manufactured in AGA’s 300 year old foundry in Coalbrookdale, the location of where generations of skilled AGA craftsmen have passed down their skills in creating stunning quality cast iron stoves through the ages. AGA’s steel stoves are all constructed with the same attention to detail as the cast iron models, each stove is handmade giving each stove a personal touch and unique quality. 

The increasing demand for AGA stoves has led the company to create a broader selection of designs, which encompass the most traditional and the most contemporary styles. Here at Stovefitter’s Warehouse we stock traditional models such as the Ludlow and Wren, right through to contemporary models such as the Hanwood & Lawley. Our best-selling AGA Stoves are the 5kw Wren & the Ellesmere, both of which we supply with free Flue & Materials. 

You can find our range of Aga stoves HERE. If you can't see the AGA stove you would like, just get in touch and we will do our very best to source it for you. 


In 1975, after a twenty year career with two of Britain's largest electrical manufacturers, the founder of Burley Stoves broke away and created his very own electric fire manufacturing business. 35 successful years later, Burley launched their Fireball range of wood burning stoves. 

Boasting a magnificent flame picture, compounded by clean burning technology and unsurpassed fuel efficiency, the Burley range of stoves have been tested to the extreme… including being ran over by not one tank, but two tanks. This approach has led to Burley winning ‘The most efficient wood burning stove in the world’ award at Hearth & Home 2015. 

If you can't find the Burley stove you require, just let us know and we will do our very best to source the stove for you, at the very best price. You can find our range of Burley stoves HERE.

Stovefitter's are an independent reseller of Burley stoves and are not associated with Burley in any way.


Charnwood stoves are made in the UK and manufactured on the Isle of Wight to excellent quality.

We love the options these Charnwood stoves have: most models are available in wood or multifuel options, with log stores and in various colours. It’s worth mentioning that the colour options are sprayed rather than enamel. Charnwood do keep up with all the latest trends and technologies. We REALLY like their rear flue adaptor: stoves utilising this clever adaptor can have rear flue connection and yet can still be swept from the inside; this is perfect for shallow recesses.

The C4 and C5 are our best selling Charnwood’s and both feature in our top 20 best selling stoves across the store. You can se our range of Charnwood stoves HERE.

It is rumoured that the C4 is Britain's best selling stove!

Stovefitter's are an independent reseller of Charnwood stoves and are not associated with Charnwood in any way.



Dik Geurts

Dik Geurts was acquired by DRU in 2007, where they have continued to create contemporary wood stoves for this fast-growing market.

For every Dik Geurts wood stove that’s sold, Dirk Guerts make a donation towards carbon micro-credits. These are then used to help women in the poorest parts of Uganda plant more trees to preserve their environment and provide them with new sources of fuel.

Our best selling DG’s are the Ivar 5 and Ivar 8, both firm favourites and both often at the top of our best seller listings. You can find our range of DG's HERE.

We know DRU supply the Royal Court of the Netherlands and we would love to know which models!


Dru is a company which has positioned itself at the forefront of its markets for over 250 years. Based in the Netherlands, it was the DRU founders which in 1794 used iron ore in a range of household products, including pans!

In 1959 when natural gas was discovered in the Netherlands, DRU responded by creating the it’s first gas fired stove. A couple of years later, DRU continued to innovate gas burning stoves by designing and manufacturing the first gas fired stove with a superfluous chimney. A design which is used in gas fired stoves to this day.

Chosen because of their innovation, we have stocked and supplied DRU wood burning stoves since our business began. The range of stoves vary from the traditional, to the ultra modern, meaning their is a stove which suits for every room. Constructed in the traditional scandinavian style, they are built to withstand the harshest of winters.

If you have any questions about this range, of can’t see the stove you are looking for - just get in touch. You can see our range of Dru stoves HERE.


Fire without smoke, that’s the advertising strapline of Ekol Stoves, a Dorset based designer of ultra clean wood burning stoves. Their Stoves burn so clean that they have been recognised by DEFRA and can be used in all UK Smokeless Zones/Smoke Control Areas. 

Achieving a perfect balance between both form and function, Ekol stoves are elegant and at home in both contemporary and traditional properties. All stoves boast a wide viewing window, which remains unbelievably clear thanks to the fact that Ekol stoves reburn solid smoke particles. 

All Ekol stoves are capable of burning any smokeless coal and come with a five year guarantee. If you have any questions regarding these stoves, just get in touch. We are proud to the be the UK’s largest distributor of Ekol Stoves - so are fully versed in their operation. You can check our range of EKOL stoves out HERE.


Firebelly stoves design and manufacture wood burning and multifuel stoves which fuse the latest technology with the most beautiful, contemporary designs. Each Firebelly stove face is lined with tecnilite fire bricks, which assist in the keeping the fire bed at an optimum temperature, and the stove burning efficiently. 

The design of the stove, the intuitive controls and stay cool door handles, ensure the stove is incredibly easy to operate. Options which can be specified include a wide range of colours, a multi fuel drop in and integrated log storage. 

We have a FB3 double sided, 2 door, all black stove here in our offices and we love it!

If you have any questions regarding any Firebelly Stoves, just get in touch. You can see our range of Firebelly stoves HERE.


Heta Stoves are a family owned design and manufacturing company, based in Lemvig on the west coast of Denmark. Heta operate out of their state of the art premises, with a mission statement of maintaining and increasing their position as the leading supplier of Danish - made stoves. 

Modern technology, specially selected high quality materials, robust construction combined with a modern yet timeless design, are key attributes of Heta Stoves. Through popular demand, we now stock and supply a range of Heta stoves, seen below. 

If you have any questions regarding any of the below stoves, or can’t spot what stove you are looking for, just get in touch. You can see our range of Heta stoves HERE.


Jydepejsen* A/S is a Danish family business, founded back in 1979 by Finn Nielsen. The firm is still family owned today, with the same ambitions - to manufacture the most durable and beautiful wood burning stoves on the market. 

The firm's approach to quality ensures that all stoves arrive with a five year guarantee. The philosophy of quality is also evident in the research & design team who are continually pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved. This includes researching combustion techniques and efficient air control techniques. 

You can see our range of Jydepejsen stoves HERE.

*pronounced oo-der-peas-en


We will no longer be stocking Parkray stoves and hence there are some bargains to be had. We have removed all images as the images we previously used belonged to Parkray.

You can see our range of Parkray stoves HERE.



Salamander Stoves are a small, family run company which specialise in the design and manufacture of highly efficient and well constructed small cast iron stoves. All of the stoves come with a five year warranty. 

The Hobbit Stove, is a multi fuel stove able to burn both wood and coal. It is available as a standard or SE mode (for smoke control zones) The Hobbit stove is perfect for tree houses, shepherds huts, small fireplaces, campervan conversion, horseboxes, garden rooms, summerhouses, canal boats and much more! 

You can see our range of Salamander stoves HERE. If you have any questions, just let us know. 



Saltfire Stoves are designed and distributed in the UK.
The Saltfire stoves are excellent value for money and an absolute delight to fit!
We particularly like that all Saltfire Stoves can be fitted to a 5"liner, can be placed on a 12mm hearth (when freestanding) and the company do not create unnecessary over-rigid rules to do with air gaps to non-combustible materials. Saltfire are a pleasure to deal with and their customer service is superb. The ST2 is Stovefitter's best selling stove (obviously the price helps) and you can usually find 4 or 5 Saltfire’s in our top 20 best selling stoves for the month.
Small niggles include: A small ashpan on the ST2 and basic handle mechanisms. 
You can see our full range of Saltfire stoves HERE.


Based in Exeter Stovax have been manufacturing and designing stoves since 1981.

Stovax create stoves that are modern and understated using cutting edge design.

The traditional looking Stovax Stockton 5 has been a major seller for Stovax over the years but over recent years the company have become more well known for an outstanding range of modern stoves. 

You can see our range of Stovax stoves HERE.