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Excellent Service

It's the second stove that we have had from Stovefitters. Both times they have been very helpful to help us decide on a stove and to answer questions on fitting and accessories.
The stove arrived on the day requested in a very well protected wooden box. The Arundel seems very good value for money, not like a lot of foreign imports. We haven't had chance to use it much so far as it has been so mild but it's perfect for our living room. Would definitely use Stovefitters again and have recommended them to friends.


I was searching the Internet for wood burners and came across this website ,so glad I did
I found the perfect one for my conservatory as I had no heating in it ,the warmth from it is just perfect and now I can use this room all year long
The stove looks great,modern and compact .
Ordering ,delivery and communication was excellent
I would definetly recommend the stove and the company .feeling so pleased

904 316 flue liner

The liner purchased was of a very good quality. The liner was much heavier and thicker than any liner that I had installed previously. The service was good answering my questions before I bought the items. The delivery was made promptly as advised. All the other fittings bought at the same time. My only criticism was that I was not advised that I would need a length of fire rope to join the liner to the adaptor that was purchased at the same time. Overall good product sound advice and prompt delivery.

Ivar 5 - Great 80th Birthday Gift

We purchased our Ivar 5 for my mother-in-law as an 80th birthday present from the family.
She is thoroughly delighted with it.
It replaced an old 1980's Villager stove that was either smoldering away (caused a chimney fire a few years back) or full burn, with little control in between and constantly smoked up glass.
The DG Ivar 5 is the complete contrast -
Unbelievably controllable with it's single slide lever, superb clear fire picture and banging out maximum heat on minimal fuel.
We chose the Ivar 5 after researching updated alternatives to the Clearview Pioneer.
I have a Pioneer that has done grand service for the last 10 years -
But the Ivar 5 is a slightly different beast.
To compare our experience of the Clearview Pioneer directly with the DG Ivar 5:
They are of equal build quality.
The Ivar 5 has lightweight firebrick base & lightweight fireboard baffle - Pioneer has a multifuel grate and steel baffle plate and hence likely to need replacements less often.
These differences leads to different fire and heat characteristics.
The Pioneer is slightly easier to light.
But once alight...
The Ivar 5 undoubtedly has superior flame picture.
The Ivar 5 puts out a significantly larger percentage of it's heat to it's front - great for sitting around, but hotter when opening that big door for refueling.
The Pioneer has more balanced heat all around and higher a percentage of it's heat on top - ideal for cooking & kettles (this is due to the Pioneers double glazed front glass reducing front heat and steel baffle transferring top heat).
Mother-in-laws new Ivar 5 is in an old chimney recess, in a sitting room - an ideal situation given the Ivar's superior flame view and front heat characteristics.
Our Pioneer is free standing in a working country kitchen - again an ideal situation given the Pioneer's top heat and more rugged characteristics.
Our conclusion: the Ivar 5 is undoubtedly a top quality stove at a competitive price -
A very happy 80 yr old mother-i...

Bignut 5

After moving house and discovering that the old fire in the house was done for and ready to replace we started researching. Julian was extremely helpful and discussed the pros and cons of each fire at length as we had quite specific requirements for the space.

The staff spent a lot of time ensuring we got the correct fire. We’ve had a few fires now and after a slow start to let the fire cure we are really enjoying the fire. Be warned - curing the fire is smelly work but it’s the same with all of them apparently. It’s really easy to light and heats up nicely.

The only slight thing I would say is the ash tray is very small but very little ash seems to fall in so it hardly seems a problem.

Thanks again for the good service!

Order id 10592

Sorry,couldn't send a review at the time as fireplace wasn't done. However, brilliant service and great stove. Thanks

Dik Guerts Ivar 8

What an Amazing stove. We are really happy with it. It has been a great recommendation from Julian at Stovefitters. It has transformed our living room and house. Really simple to use, and lights easily. The wide window makes the fire a real display feature in the room and as a result we haven’t watched tv since installing it! I couldn’t fault it. Order number 10676.


Bought the Dik Guert Ivar 8 to replace a Hunter Herald 14 and wish I had done this ages ago. The fire is much better because it burns hotter, uses less fuel and looks so much more modern. I am delighted with everything about it. The delivery was very easy, on time and quick. I would buy this stove from here again without any hesitation.

New wood burner

I purchased a silvacore liner and fitting kit from the Stovefitters Warehouse, after reading some of their advice from the website and I am so happy that I did, thanks to the person who fitted a new chimney pot a few years ago and must of put about half a bucket of cement down the chimney, we had a hell of a time fitting the liner, it took 7 attempts to feed the liner down and had I purchased a cheaper liner there is no was it would of withstood the abuse, but thanks to reading the web advice from the Stovefitters Warehouse all finally went well and I am sat here in from of a lovely warm wood burner, big thumbs up to the guys thanks.

Saltfire Bignut

Really - a great stove!
Delivered exactly on the date¬
Great service!
Only problem was when I called to thank the team - no one seemed to be there to pick up the phone.

Great Service and superb fire

Julian and his team were so helpful with my self install of a DG Ivar 5 (great fire) with 5” black twin wall in a vaulted lounge. Always willing to take my calls and help me around the numerous building regs requirements. Would highly recommend them and the fire. Can’t fault the service.


I had absolutely no knowledge of Log-burners but wanted one for a new lounge in the house extension we had just completed. The internet took me to this companies website and I was impressed with the depth of information and the quality and price of the products available.

Ordering was easy and the product delivered exactly on the day specified. Our HETAS engineer installed the product and also commented on the quality of the burner for the price.

Delighted with the purchase. Would definitely use stovefitterswarehouse again


I had absolutely no knowledge of Log-burners but wanted one for a new lounge in the house extension we had just completed. The internet took me to this companies website and I was impressed with the depth of information and the quality and price of the products available.

Ordering was easy and the product delivered exactly on the day specified. Our HETAS engineer installed the product and also commented on the quality of the burner for the price.

Delighted with the purchase. Would definitely use stovefitterswarehouse again

Order 10619

Order no. 10645 Quality flue & stove components

I have been dealing with" The stove fitters warehouse" for over 10 years now, i have never been disappointed with the quality of the supplied items, i have always been able to debate installation difficulties with Julian, i find it remarkable that the man shows such patience with what must sometimes feel like" oh no not that question again". In summary this company has a sense of pride in its products & advice that is very difficult to find these days,they are so professional to do business with....Buy cheap buy twice,pay a competitive price & receive the very best in the market today.

Flue kit (10641)

Stumbled across the site and it’s wealth of information which gave me the confidence to buy and install. Great service, great product and both ius and the dogs have been loving finally getting the stove in at a price that wasn’t hard to swallow! Would / have/ will continue to recommend Stovefitters to anyone who’ll listen :)

Bignut 5 - big feature of the room! Order 10580

Carefully researched stoves and decided on Bignut 5. Not disappointed with our choice. Very solid, sturdy stove which looks modern but substantial and great heat output considering it’s a 5kw. Excellent service from Stove Fitters Warehouse. There was a delay due to nationwide stock issue with Saltfire but this was communicated well by them and we received our stove in time for Christmas.


After much research with multiple companies to pick the right liner and get it for the right price, I decided to purchase from stove fitters warehouse, and I’m so glad I did, after a quick phone call to ask some advice I purchased a 904 liner as well as the very useful bits and bobs bit of kit , which was a great help in fixing liner,
All arrived bang on time and service I received couldn’t of been any better.
Highly recommended you to everyone.
Thank you guys

Fantastic log burner

Very happy with the delivery of this product.
I was concerned when ordered it would not arrive in time for Christmas but the delivery was very prompt which enabled us to have the best Christmas with the fire installed. The product was very good value for money and looks fantastic in our new room. I would highly recommend Stove fitters warehouse to friends and family and as I am a builder to future clients

surprisingly useful

This coupled up with a fan and stove thermometer are the wood burner must haves!

Beautiful Stove

The stove is amazing, it looks great and makes the house very cozy. Couldn't have asked for better! Delivery was punctual and straight forward..though you should be aware it weighed 80kg, so prepare for that.

Hamlet Solution 5 Wood Burner Order #10211

We had enjoyed an open fire on cold nights for years.

This year, we invested in a Hamlet solution 5 SC S3 wood burning stove and have not looked back.

Stovefitters provided a first-class service, competitive on price, offering advice, answering all our queries promptly and delivering on time.

The wood burner is so much more efficient than an open fire and, with two stove fans standing on top, heat is circulated to most of the house, allowing the central heating to be turned down or off.

The Hamlet provides a large window to view the fire and no smoke is blown into the room on windy nights!

Top quality stove

We were originally looking at a far more expensive stove until the fitter pointed us towards Stove Fitters Warehouse. What a great stove the FireWire is. It would look good in any setting, modern or traditional. It is so quick and easy to light and is warming the room in minutes. It is efficient and economical and heats through the house far more than our old stove. With the large window it feels as cosy as an open fire but without all the dust. We would recommend it unreservedly.
Order no 10448

Great design, powerful fire

This is a really powerful fire which is a great improvement in technological design (Dik Guerts). No riddling is necessary and excessive ash after a few fires can be simply removed with the implement provided. The single draught regulator is all that’s needed and it doesn’t require a forest to keep it going & can keep in all night. The only problems are: the handle is detachable and if you wish to attach it permanently it’s a fiddly job for which the manufacturer should provide an adequate tool and better instructions to save hassle. Other things which may be considered minor drawbacks are it takes practice to get the fire started and you need to follow the instructions meticulously as it needs building up slowly but once it’s going it’s wonderful. If you leave it in all night the glass will need cleaning when cold and this takes a little persistence. These are minor quibbles, to be aware of but not to deter anyone from purchasing this very efficient and satisfying fire with its advanced technology. Excellent advice and service from supplier.

Thanks John. I use the handle as 'removable' and love the feature - takes a little getting used to at first but becomes second nature. Regarding 'practice to get the fire started' I find it as simple as any other stove: couple of firelighters, logs, kindling and 1 sheet newspaper to prewarm flue... easy peasy.
Excellent service and product

I contacted Stove Fitters Warehouse for a flue for a new stove we were having fitted. The team were very helpful and all I needed to provide were a few basic measurements (no technical knowledge needed!) for them to design and specify a flue for me. Once ordered, the flue parts arrived quickly and securely packaged on a pallet, once unpacked they slotted together easily and clipped firmly to form a good looking and structurally solid flue. I would definitely use this firm and product again.


I’ve never had a wood burner stove before and after trawling the internet for weeks on end I kept coming back to the hobbit stove from stove fitters warehouse they were really helpful and couldn’t have been any better delivery was spot on ! The best little stove you can get for the price and Brilliant company .
I would certainly use stove fitters warehouse again