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Excellent chimney lining kit.

Lined my 1920s chimney myself with their stainless steel 904 five inch chimney liner. Its a sturdy product that is clearly made to last so it's quite stiff , but still went down with a minimum of fuss with the aid of the nose cone (much easier than the six inch liner that I put down in my previous house). Easy enough to trim to length with a hacksaw. The remaining sharp edges can then be crimped with pliers for safety and to ease attaching to stove pipe and chimney cowl.

Top Class Product

Fitted this liner on the recommendation of Julian and was not disappointed. It was good to know that the liner could be fitted either way up. It was so easy to feed from the top of the chimney. There was none of the difficulty, I have previously experienced of nine metres of liner waving about on top of the roof. I was able to feed the liner a foot length at a time. Taking the kink out of each section with a simple nudge against my shoulder, it slid through the dog legs easily with only gentle guidance from my assistant two floors below. When I was smoothing the chamfer between the chimney pot and the liner, I had plugged the top of the liner with a towel to prevent debris from dropping down. To my dismay, the towel sipped out of my reach down the liner. I should not have worried as the towel slid easily all the way down the liner and dropped out of the bottom. I found the liner easy the cut with a hacksaw after marking the cut line with a piece of masking tape. The delivery of the liner in a stout cardboard box was a nice touch. This brand of liner would definitely be my first choice in the future. Just a thought on measuring the length required: I always find that the foolproof way of getting the correct length is to get up on the roof and drop a golf ball, on a length of string, down the chimney until the ball reaches the hearth, then tie a knot on the string at the top of the chimney and measure the length of the string at ground level. The same ball and string can then be used as a leader for a stouter liine attached to the pull through cone on the liner.

helpful and friendly service.

Amazing value for money very helpful advise when contacting your directly. I can highly recommend your products and helpful service. Delivery was extremely quick next day. So please with the quality of the flue liner and fitting pack very highly recommended. We have passed this onto out friends who are just setting out doing the same project. Thank you once again a refreshing change to find such a helpful company.

Good products, great service.

I deceided to install my own stove mainly through the encouragement of reading the stovefitters manual. When it came to place the order Julian designed the external flue from my measurements and all parts arrived in good order. Julian has also been great about responding quickly to my questions. The install is not quite complete yet but is progressing very well. The best part is getting to choose all aspects of the design. We went for the Parkray Aspect 5 Compact which looks like a well-made product.

Flavel Arundel Stove

I purchased this to go into a new house as the previous owners removed the one already there. This is a great stove for the money. I love the large glass door which makes looking at the fire mesmerising. It’s a smart and slick design which would compliment any room. Ordering was easy and very efficient and I was kept up to date with expected delivery which was very speedy. All in all a great buy from a professional company.

10148 Flavell Arundel 5 Stove

I purchased this to go into a new house as the previous owners removed the one already there. This is a great stove for the money. I love the large glass door which makes looking at the fire mesmerising. It’s a smart and slick design which would compliment any room. Ordering was easy and very efficient and I was kept up to date with expected delivery which was very speedy. All in all a great buy from a professional company.

Great service and products

We actually purchased a whole twin wall flue system from Julian and the service has been great. He was very helpful and knowledgable. The flue itself seems to be very sturdy, we hope to light it this weekend!

Order Number 10145. Peanut Bignut 5 Review

After extensive consultation of the extremely useful Stovefitters warehouse website we chose the Peanut Bignut 5 together with the associated flue and fittings having consulted the relevant parts of the website.

After a quick call to the ever helpful Julian to clarify a few points, the order was placed and duly arrived on schedule.

A weekend of fitting which turned out to be significantly simpler than anticipated saw us with our stove installed and looking magnificent.

The stove itself is well built to a high quality, is simple to operate and really kicks out the heat. The first time we lit it we had to open all the doors to the rest of the house as were getting too hot! Great product and great service thank you!.

Great stove, great service

We bought the Hamlet Solution 5 Widescreen from Stovefitters. It’s a great stove, looks nice and modern without looking tacky or cheap as some do. Simple to use and comes with everything you need including a heat resistant glove. Stoverfitters offer great service and the choice of free gifts is a nice touch, I’d definitely buy from them again

Bignut warm nut

This is a lovely fire. I have had it installed around two weeks. It lights so easy and warms a medium open space easily. One evening it heated the room up toasty and it was so warm I opened up the doors and it took the chill from the whole house (3bedroom dorma bungalow). It has a very large viewing glass screen which is lovely to watch. Stove fitters were fantastic to deal with and very reasonable. Brilliant purchase I won’t ever regret and neither will you !

904 twin wall flue

I purchased this flue liner and I am increasingly impressed. It was delivered swiftly and the quality of the product is second to none. I fitted it with ease and with the help from this web site it was really easy. Would recommend to anyone to use the stove fitter👍😊

Excellent stove, great value

Waited to review this once we'd used it in anger. Great fire, easy to light but it's best attribute by far is the ability to resurrect the lowliest of embers in to a roaring fire after just 5 minutes of putting a log on. We use kiln dried wood and have seen no issues at all with combustion. When fitted the whole process seemed very simple and the fitters were complimentary on the Peanut saying known to be a good fire. Heat build is as per expected but once up to temperature it warms the room and uses a much lower volume of wood that our open fire did. Stovefitters were a pleasure to deal with and felt like a very personal service. Get one!

Peanut 8

Invaluable advice from Julian. Great service and delivery. Had it fitted and large window gives a great view of the flames. Build is really simple , so less things to go wrong. Slightly tricky to clean. Other than that....So far so good...

Saltfire ST1 Vision stove

Order #10108 A great stove for the price (thanks Stovefitters! – the best price I could find) which is also ECO Design 2022 approved. Easy to operate (that is light & keep going). Once lit it gives off a good level of heat & the large window/door is often better to watch than the telly! Only criticism (as touched on in other reviews) is it’s easy to turn the handle the wrong way & spend time finding the locked position, but that’s a minor gripe for a great stove.

Superb service and beautiful stove

Wow-what a superb service and we are thrilled with our beautiful stove. The whole process from web site order to delivery was exceptional. The eco-design wood-burning stove by Ekol is beautiful and will become the heart of our home thru the darkness of winter! 10 out of 10 services. Thank you and I couldn’t recommend The Stove Fitters Warehouse enough.

Good little stove very impressive throw’s out plenty of heat and very easy to control and light.

Cracking Little Peanut

order 10114
The Saltfire Peanut 5 is a lovely little stove. It looks beautiful in my sitting-room and after only a couple of weeks seems like the heart of the house.
It took me a little while to get used to the three different air controls and I have managed to blacken the glass a couple of times. But now that I’ve cracked it, the stove lights easily, pumps out heat and burbles away like a living thing.
I don’t know how I managed without it!

Salt fire st2

After looking for a more contemporary looking unit the salt fire st2 was perfect in looks and size as we didn’t have the biggest of openings, needless to say we are “over the moon” with its heat output. Stovefitters service was also faultless in speed of delivery and guidance in buying the correct burner thanks

DG Ivar 5 - 10119

This stove has to be the easiest to operate in the market for wood burning stoves. Solid construction, very heavy door and sensible detachable door handle. Deep ashpan area and will burn 2 eight inch logs and last about an hour. As the flue pipe sits near the back of the stove, will easily fit a stove kettle on top. It warms the slate hearth it sits on and pushes heat into all rooms of the house, even upstairs, lifting the upstairs room temp by 3 degrees in my stone house. Well done Holland!

Installation Of Chimney Liner

To comply with regulations I had to install the six inch liner. It was with some trepidation that I started to install the liner. Luckily there was sufficient flue size at the bottom to pull the liner up to the stack area. The chimney was basically straight so it started very easily however when I got to the top the stack internal size was too SMALL! Luckily I had already decided to get the chimney stacks rebuilt stacks re-built as they were letting in some damp. So I was able to get them built round the liner. Despite a lot of pulling and pushing the liner stayed intact, so great product but allow for some issues to happen along the way.

Such a Useful Website!

I was looking to have a wood burner fitted having already bought one, then saw a quote a neighbour received, which was the wrong side of five grand! After a bit of googling I stumbled across the The Stove Fitter's Manual. (What an absolute gem for the self installer.) We had a vacant chimney after our back boiler went pop a year or so ago, so using advice in the manual and looking at 'Part J' I opened up and lined the fireplace, fitting a new lintel, swept the chimney and called building control, (who were out to inspect very quickly). The building control inspector was very helpful and asked me to photograph each stage of the installation for his return visit.
I followed the site's guidelines building a new hearth and ordered a fitting kit and flue from Stovefitter's Warehouse. The flue fitting kit was a godsend with everything needed from stove outlet to chimney top. Building Control came back to inspect and we are now sitting in front of toasty stove which all in cost about £1100 (incl. the £276 fee for building control).
I like the no-nonsense, demystifying approach of Stovefitter's and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them as a supplier and wonderful mine of information.

Order ref: 10038 and 10090

Excellent Service

ORDER #10091
We purchased the Hamlet Solution 5 Widescreen Stove +Ecodesign Wood Burning Stove from the Stovefitters warehouse after a lengthy selection process, there’s a lot of stoves out there, and were very pleased with the specification and the price. The Stove was delivered on time and well packaged. The free gift of the Remora fan that we chose was and added bonus. The stove is a great design and sturdily built unlike so many cheaper models that are available online. We have yet to try it as we are still waiting for a fitter to install it but can’t wait to get it going before the winter sets in.

The Hobbit Stove Review

Last week I installed my Hobbit stove, purchased from Stove Fitter’s Warehouse. I am honestly very impressed. I have the 4” to 5” conversion for a double skinned stainless flue, finished off with a stainless steel trim plate on the roof.
The install was for my boat and, as I undertook the installation myself, undoubtedly had many questions. The team at SFW were fantastic, always willing to help with questions and heir support has been great regarding distances etc.
The stove itself operates very efficiently with both wood and stove, for such a small one, and generates a 4kw output. I get an excellent draw and it is certainly gathered a lot of positive commentary!
The Dura flue system is easy to assemble well made. I secured the stove to a slate hearth (which is itself secured to the floor) using anchor bolts.
Overall, a quality stove supplied by a great team! I spent a lot of hours researching the different stoves and I am very happy with my choice. I highly recommend it for serious consideration, especially if you have a limited space to install a stove.

The stove Fitters

I had tried several places that were willing to sell me a hobbit woodburner for my yurt but not in any way helpful about how I could fit it. The stove fitters people went out of their way to give me really good advice and guidance and were able to give continued help. I was really impressed, not only with the stove, but with their friendly service and would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to buy from them. The service was prompt and very reasonably priced. Great job, thanks again.

Flue liner is quality

Very pleased indeed with the quality of the flue liner and cowl we bought from Stovefitters, worth paying to get the best you can here. In our case the chimney itself was very easy to negotiate and the quality of the liner certainly helped with the task of fitting it. Cutting it is a bit of an art, but just go slowly and carefully.

Little problem with delivery which was not their fault and the box has been most useful for grandchildren to play in too!