Stove chooser

Use the method below to find the perfect size stove for your room.

Manufacturer's figures are "all over the place", which is why you see tiny 5kW stoves and huge 5kW stoves. If a manufacturer says a stove is 5kW then that means it has been tested and proved that it can get to 5kW. For some 5kW stoves that is their limit, but other "5kW stoves" can happily reach 8kW if you put more wood in. This is because they have a larger firebox.

Our figures work on firebox size (how much wood you can safely and realistically fit in the stove). You can add anywhere between one twig and a full load - so a 5kW stove can logically operate at 1kW, 2kW, 3kW etc. and all the way up to its maximum. Our chart does show a made up minimum heat-output as there becomes a point where putting tiny amounts of fuel in a large stove may effect efficiency. Also, the stove as may be too large to keep that fuel together in a pile .