Do you require a registered and trained installer? Would you like Stovefitters, the UK's premier installation experts, to answer questions about your project, provide advice in the unlikely event your install does not go to plan*?


All of the installers on this map have agreed to install stoves or materials supplied by Stovefitter's Warehouse (so please let them know you are sent by us). Please view the key under the map to see what an installer offers. Cannot find an installer on our map? Contact us and we'll find some :-)


Please let us know if an installer strives to sell you their stove (or materials if this disagrees with our records) as we can then update their records so as not to upset our future customers.

All installers have informed us that they are HETAS registered (but please check yourself by requesting their HETAS details). 


The map key



The installer will fit stove, liner and fitting pack supplied by you (red = will also install twin wall).




The installer will fit stove and liner supplied by you but no fitting pack as the installer will supply any auxiliary items required (red = will also install twin wall).




The installer will fit the stove supplied by you but NOT liner or liner auxiliary materials (they supply their own). If red then this installer will fit twin wall flue).


If the circle is red inside then this installer will ALSO fit clip-together chimney systems (twin wall) provided by you although you will need a drawing and parts list created by Stovefitter's Warehouse.


*The small print 

Should you spend more than £300 with Stovefitter's on one order and use a registered-installer Julian Patrick (ex-installer and author of The Stove Fitter's Manual) will be happy to provide telephone and email advice should you have any questions or concerns about your install. This information can be invaluable should you need to discuss a concern with your installer.

Note that we do not, at this time, vouch for the quality or reliability of an installer. All installers have made contact with us and requested to offer their services to our customers.