Twin wall flue installations using DINAK

Two stoves fitted using Dinak twin wall

Through the plasterboard with a “starter piece”. Black vitreous goes into the starter piece and is very neat and tidy.
Bottom clamp is a slab support that takes the weight. Above this is a standard non-adjustable bracket (you can get adjustable versions). Note that one needs two points of connection to the building to prevent lateral movement. This job was tricky because the distance between the ceiling joists and the roof rafters was so close! Usually one has a little more room than this.
This is a starter length. The steel vitreous pipe slides neatly into the twin wall with no connection to be seen. The fit is a little loose so fire rope is inserted into the gap (the vitreous pipe slides 6cm into the twin wall).
The large oval “rosette” covers the hole. There are various “rosettes” or sealing plates available.

Flashing. This Dinak flashing is a mix of lead and black aluminium. Whilst typing this there is a Force 8 raging outside… hope it’s still up…


Note the clear sealant at the top of the flashing


Another chimney now

after plasterer

Before the sealing plate makes it look nice. Note that plasterboard close to pipe was removed.


The sealing plate comes in two halves and can be used to seal the pipe whatever angle it exits the building (from 45 to 90 degrees).