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Twin wall: 45 degree finishing plate (1 part) round

Doing it yourself? Visit our "How to install twin wall flue" page.

Materials always in stock (4 UK-wide depots). This is a twin wall clip-together chimney part used to build a new chimney. Twin wall clip-together chimney can be as close as 5-7cm to combustible materials (so is also useful for adding atop a stove to bypass a wooden beam).

Screw to the wall. Or stick to the wall with small dabs of Silicone sealant (does not have to be any special sealant).

Stove Fitter's Warehouse offers a FREE Twin Wall Design Service.

Duraflue Twin Wall was launched to the market during 2014 and, due to its high quality and innovative design, is already a favourite amongst professional stove fitters. Brackets are strong whereas other brands may be spindly and quality is premium. Do it once - do it good.

Top tip: No fire cement or glue of any kind is used when connecting twin wall pipe to twin wall pipe - it is just push-fit (with a locking band for added security). When to use fire cement on flue joints? Use the SEARCH function and type "sealing flue joints".
Colour & Diameter
Silver 5"
Silver 6"
Black 5"
Black 6"

Customer Reviews

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Twin flue installation - order no 12635

Contacted Stovefitters regarding a stove I had previously purchased.
Found them to be very helpful and knowledgeable. System was designed free of charge and layout diagram was promptly sent with no commitment.
Placed order and parts were delivered on time. Very pleased with the quality of the components and having never fitted a flue before found them very easy to install.
Overall I am very pleased with the service and the outcome

Wood burning stove in a shed chimney kit

I bought this to fit in my log cabin. Firstly I found the website clear and informative as to what I would need and which kit to go for. I was fitting ti to Peanut 3 5KW burner and flueing direct up through a wood/felt single roof. The product that arrived was excellent. Simple, clear and easy to install. The only challenging part was the actual cutting of the hole in the roof and ensuring the distances from the flue etc were correct. I would highly recommend this product.