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DTW 45 degree finishing plate (2 part) round for INSIDE OR OUTSIDE PROPERTY ON A VERTICAL WALL (OR VAULTED CEILING)

Colour & Internal Diameter
Silver 5"
Silver 6"
Black 5"
Black 6"

Doing it yourself? Visit our "How to install twin wall flue" page.

This is a twin wall clip-together chimney part used to build a new chimney. Twin wall clip-together chimney can be as close as 5-7cm to combustible materials (so is also useful for adding atop a stove to bypass a wooden beam).

Screw to the wall. Or stick to the wall with small dabs of Silicone sealant (does not have to be any special sealant).

Stove Fitter's Warehouse offers a FREE Twin Wall Design Service.

Duraflue Twin Wall was launched to the market during 2014 and, due to its high quality and innovative design, is already a favourite amongst professional stove fitters. Brackets are strong whereas other brands may be spindly and quality is premium. Do it once - do it good.

Top tip: No fire cement or glue of any kind is used when connecting twin wall pipe to twin wall pipe - it is just push-fit (with a locking band for added security). When to use fire cement on flue joints? Use the SEARCH function and type "sealing flue joints".

Customer Reviews

Based on 208 reviews
Simon Flower
External twin-wall flue design and supply

Good service from stovefitters (as previously - I'm a repeat customer). I haven't used the chimney design service before and it's a great service - from the amount of material on the web site to help, through the individual design and drawing to the supply of parts. People at the company are responsive to questions and authoritative. All went smoothly, though I've yet to complete the installation. In previous experiences the installation went as smoothly as the ordering (and the parts are still working well 7 years later).

Order number 15048

Neil Pearson

The Stove was delivered on time as promised. I would recommend the Log store version to anybody who has dogs as they love to sit in front of it.
The guys at stove fitters warehouse were very helpful on the chat and Ray's emailed design was invaluable.

Many Thanks,