Arada Farringdon Medium (8kW+) Stove + £280 materials voucher to use at checkout ("stove only" please call)

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Soon all stoves will be built this way. Well, they'll have to be Eco Design ready like this one anyway. The Farringdon 8 is one of the first stoves ever to meet the stringent new European regulations known as Eco Design (Lot 20). The new legislation is due to come into force in 2022 and will be overseen by HETAS and DEFRA.

Congratulations to Arada on being years ahead of the game and taking on the difficult design process that has lead to the Farringdon range: stoves that will help us protect the environment for future generations.

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  • Would the Farringdon medium be practical in a room with a volume of 79 cubic mtrs

    Simple answer is it will be fine. But see here: