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This 5kW really is a rather nice looking cast iron stove. It is actually larger than the pictures suggest with a whopping good firebox size (almost twice as large as the popular Aga Wenlock). This is going to kick out some serious heat - and it's cast iron so it will retain that heat well into the darkest winter evening!






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Aga Wren

For a number of years I have wanted a woodburner stove in the house, this year I decided to purchase one.
The Aga Wren is a very solid, cast iron stove finished to a very high standard, It is very well made and weighs more than expected. The design is also very pleasing with smooth curves surrounding the large glass window so the fire can be really appreciated; behind it is a large fire box so larger or more oddly shaped logs can be used.
The door opens and closes smoothly and the handle remains cool enough to use, although so far I haven't had a large fire. Air control is achieved by using the dial at the front centre below the window and/or the small lever on the right just below the top of the stove. I have yet to get to know these more fully.
The heat this little stove gives out radiates through the room long after the fire has died down.
I feel very well prepared to keep warm this coming winter, unlike a previous ones.

Aga Wren: A nice stove with features that set it apart

We spent a long time looking at all the different smallish wood stoves out there (and reading all the valuable DIY info on the Stovefitters excellent website), and eventually settled on the Aga Wren, despite not having a particular loyalty to the Aga brand.

The features we particularly liked were:
1. The pleasant styling, which we think bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary;
2. The unusually large firebox (we were uncertain what size stove we needed, so this gave a bit of flexibility); and
3. The unusually large, and nicely shaped area of glass, so you can really see the fire.

We also appreciated it being made in the UK, rather than China, as we were concerned about working conditions in China (my wife says she remembers reading it on the website, although we didn't get a response to our email asking Aga to confirm this).

We had no particular problems installing it, it seems well built (it certainly weighs a bit!), and now that we've used it a few times we can say that it seems to work very well. We have yet to run it really hot, but don't anticipate any problems. The airwash system is effective and the burn is easily controlled.

We think we're going to get on very well with this little stove (which isn't actually all that little), and would certainly recommend buying from Stovefitters. They always respond very quickly and really seem to know their stuff.

Aga Wren

Stove Fitters pointed me in the direction of the Wren when I contacted them. What an excellent decision to purchase this stove, it looks the part and the heat output is amazing. I would recommend this stove to anyone. Unfortunately when I ordered it it was out of stock and delivery was the end of January. Stove Fitters found me one and it was delivered within a week. Stove Fitters were absolutely first class and if you want a Log Burner don't go anywhere else.


Fantastic products and amazing service

We had be considering putting a multi fuel stove in our home for over a year. We looked on the Internet, went to various places and then we found the Stove Hut in Colwyn Bay. Arran was so friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. Nothing was too much trouble. We went back more than once without actually buying anything and every welcome and visit was just like the first.
We finally settled on the new 5kW Aga and the 25 year durable liner. We had had difficulties finding a fitter but Arran solved that one too. He rang someone he knew would do a good job without ripping us off since we wanted it done before Christmas. He also got in contact during the fitting to see how it was going and is genuinely interested in seeing how the job looks when we get round to painting it.
So we are now the proud (and warm) owners of a multifuel stove. It truly is a case of 'fantastic products and amazing service'
Thank you gentlemen