All-you-need bundle with liner Burley Brampton

What's included?

Burley Brampton bundle includes all you need to fit your log burning stove into an existing chimney:

• Burley Brampton 
• 8m of 6" 904 grade (30 year guarantee) premium Silvacore liner
• 1m vitreous matt black pipe
• Standard stainless steel hanging cowl (connects to liner and chimney pot)
• Stub-nose adaptor (connects liner to black pipe)
• Nose cone (add to liner to drag end down chimney)
• 9" square sealing plate to seal vitreous pipe to closure plate
• Data plate (informational for Building regulations)
• Useful items kit (useful screws etc.)

You can add extra options (above the 'add to cart' button) including:

• Increase liner length
• Upgrade to Duraflue stainless steel cowl (15 year guarantee) 
• Change to 500mm vitreous and 2 x45 degree vitreous elbows to create an offset

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    Customer Reviews

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    Burley Brampton from Stovefitters

    Stovefitters supplied the stove and a bespoke design twin wall system. They have provided first class support throughout and nothing has been too much trouble for them, absolutely excellent!

    Burley Brampton

    I have had this installed for about 3 months, and i must say it is a vast improvement on my last stove, but i have had some small issues with the installation. The issues relate to the separately purchased external fitting kit which is quite poor quality, the rear box is simply pressed steel which immediately presents a problem as it’s not welded, so has small gaps along each edge, also the way the air hole on the rear works (sliding) this means there is also a hole on the bottom to allow the handle to slide from open to closed. Simply put, it’s not air tight as one would expect from a sealing kit!
    Another issue is with the sliding handle catching on the grooves on the front of the stove, also the rear part of the handle mechanism does not fully sit flush with the air hole, and this is due to the rear seam weld fouling the handle mechanism, I had to resolve this with a grinder (not the weld of course, but to add a small groove to the handle mechanism so it sits flush)
    All issues relate to the handle mechanism and the external fitting kit, these could easily be solved by Burley, and it looks like all the engineering of this stove has gone into the stove itself and the handle and external fitting kit were afterthoughts.
    All problems were overcome with some basic tools and some stove silicone.
    The only other issue I have is with the fire brick, considering it’s only been run for about 3 months the rear brick has cracked into two. Hopefully they’ll read this and send me a new one!!!!!!
    On a positive note this is a fantastically efficient stove, as long as the wood is really dry, and I wouldn’t change it. Overall I’m very happy with the stove, just make sure you buy all the pipe from one supplier, made this mistake before, the pipe from this site is very high quality and fits the stove like a glove.

    Burley brampton

    Thank you so much for your help and advice
    Very impressed withe the stove and quality of fittings
    Excellent customer service and very competitive prices


    Very efficient stove

    I installed one of these in January from a recommendation, the window is huge so viewing the flames isn't a problem. Very efficient too and little ash to clear, about a pint a fortnight.

    Great British Stove

    Absolutely delighted with this stove. Product manual was self-explanatory and with the information available on StoveFitter's Warehouse it made for a straightforward DIY installation.

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