All-you-need bundle with liner Woodford 5 Wide

What's included?

Woodford 5 Wide bundle includes all you need to fit your log burning stove into an existing chimney:

• Woodford 5 Wide (glass is 285mm by 380mm when looking from the outside of the stove)
• 8m of 5" 904 grade (30 year guarantee) premium Silvacore liner
• 1m vitreous matt black pipe
• Standard stainless steel hanging cowl (connects to liner and chimney pot)
• Stub-nose adaptor (connects liner to black pipe)
• Nose cone (add to liner to drag end down chimney)
• 9" square sealing plate to seal vitreous pipe to closure plate
• Data plate (informational for Building regulations)
• Useful items kit (useful screws etc.)

You can add extra options (above the 'add to cart' button) including:

• Increase liner length
• Upgrade to Duraflue stainless steel cowl (15 year guarantee) 
• Change to 500mm vitreous and 2 x45 degree vitreous elbows to create an offset
• Multifuel kit to the stove to burn wood other fuels
• Heatshield to reduce the distance to combustibles

    What's not included?




    Wide stoves have seen excellent sales since the first models slipped into showrooms during 2016/2017. A wide stove means a big glass and a big glass means a happy customer with a wide smile.

    The Woodford 5 Wide, new for 2018, is the same as the Woodford 5 but wider. For the avoidance of any doubt the Woodford 5 is narrower than the Woodford 5 Wide.

    Tested by us 4th September 2018. Works beautifully. Very controllable and lots of heat. Arran says "very, very impressed" and Arran is very, very fussy (likes lots of heat in the office). Emma also happy in the office and it takes a lot to get her to lose the bobble hat (then we get to find out what colour hair she has for the week).

    This is an excellent stove that is sure to be a hit with installers (5" liner allowed) and users (lifetime body warranty, wideness).

    Woodfords, narrow and wide, are UK manufactured and assembled in Devon and have a lifetime body guarantee (so live long).

    It is not just what you know but who you know. The Woodfords are approved by the SIA (Stove Industry Alliance) as Ecodesign-ready. Best to Google this but the planet, the neighbours and the Mayor of London should all be on your friends list when a Woodford joins the family.





    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Reduced log consumption!

    ‘I have just installed my brand new SIA Eco design ready Woodford 5kw (recently approved by HETAS) and I have to say I am very impressed. Several things actually please me, firstly and most importantly my fuel consumption has dropped 3 fold. I’m literally putting 3 x less fuel on the Woodford compared to my old stove that wasn’t SIA Eco Design Ready. Secondly the build quality is second to none, being made in England you’d expect the quality to be high but this usually comes with a high price but not in this case, the Woodford is probably the most competitively priced stove in its class.’

    ‘I also love all the features you really do get a lot of stove for your money, I particularly like the smooth control and how much range and controllability that give you.’

    Excellent new range for 2018

    Stovefitter's are very pleased to have been appointed Premier distributors for this new "Woodford" range.

    Wide is good

    Here at Stovefitter's we like the wide stoves - more glass is always good. Great range of stoves from Woodford and Stovefitter's are proud to have been chosen as a Premier retailer in 2018.

    Very pleased to have this new range...

    Excellent range of British-made stoves launched during 2018. Here at Stovefitter's we are very proud to have been chosen as one of the fe online retailers chosen to promote Woodford stoves.

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