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Designed to meet stringent 2022 European emission regulations known as Eco Design the Arada Farringdon 12 kW can truly be described at launch as "state of the art". A big round of applause to Arada.

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Arada Farringdon Medium 8kW+ Ecodesign Ready Multi Fuel / Wood Burning Stove

This is the second wood-burner I've fitted in my property (both with Building Regs Building notice), the first being a 5KW Morso Squirrel utilising a 125mm twin-wall flue. Just prior to fitting the Arada I discovered a large amount of metal shot rattling around inside the stove. (estimated @ 20 - 30g?)
I vacuumed most of it out but on testing the air valves I discovered some of the shot had got inside the secondary air valve causing it to stick and feel very notchy. I had to dismantle the air valve located under the stove and clean the shot out. (I'm just glad I realised I had a problem before I completed the final fit and not after!)
When first firing the stove up I found a lot of smoke spilling out of the stove when opening the door (quite unlike my squirrel, which is very forgiving) and at first I thought I'd bought a pup, The secret is to 'Jenga' your kindling in about 4-5 layers, small log on top with 2-3 firelighters under and not open the door until the stove is up to temperature. Once I'd mastered the lighting I'm now very pleased with our purchase and would thoroughly recommend this stove. The stove seems really well engineered, is finished well and is very heavy. (112kg)
Note: I spoke to Julian about the shot issue and he told me he would speak to the manufacturer and advise them of this quality issue to ensure it is not repeated in the future. C.Johnston 27/01/19

Arada Farringdon Medium stove

This stove looks extremely well made, very robust yet elegant and contemporary in design, with a large single glass front pane to enhance its appearance. It was purchased at an very competitive price and although the stove has yet to be installed, if it works as good as it looks I suspect I will be very pleased with the end product.


Arada Farringdon Medium (8kW+) Stove

Service as good as reviews!

Very helpful and knowledgable, quality product at a very good price. Delivered on time by a friendly delivery driver who assisted in carrying into the house

Good Stove at a good price

Have only used the stove a handful of times since it has been installed but have to say it really does put out a lot of heat and it is also a good looking stove with the size of the glass on the front letting you see the flames from all around the room. The stove was delivered on time and was well packaged and just as described all at a really great price.
Also the stove is of high quality that of a much more expensive stove.