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Burley Debdale 4kW Stove + Six Months Exceptional Money Back Guarantee

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THIS PAGE IS BEING UPDATED OVER THE SUMMER 2020 and hence has limited information.

Customer Reviews

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Burley Debdale

This Burley Debdale is being sold at an excellent price with great offers on the extras. Upon completing the purchase, the delivery company called me to arrange the best day for delivery to ensure that I was at home. When it arrived, everything was carefully packaged and labelled making it easy to get started with the installation.
The stove and fitting pack materials are of very high build quality, and Burley had even thrown in a few little gifts for good measure. From my research, this is one of the most efficient wood stoves on the market at the moment and it is made in the UK. We are extremely pleased with it.
There has been superb communication and support from the Stove Fitter's Warehouse throughout. If you are doing a self installation, I would highly recommend buying the fitting pack, and using their online installation guide. They tell you exactly what you need to buy, how to fit it and it has proved invaluable.
Thank you very much to all at Stove Fitters Warehouse!

Burley Debdale - persevere with it

I followed Stovefitter's Manual to achieve an easy installation of this stove using the Duraflue liner and fitting kit self-certified with building control. Whilst getting used to using this stove I had reservations until I realised two things:
1) This stove needs a large amount of kindling to heat the flue and establish sufficient draw because the high efficiency means the flue takes a while to heat up (as most energy is extracted from the exhaust).
2) The stove needs a considerable ash-bed; perhaps more than is suggested in the Burley manual. Once the ash has accumulated, it is a lot easier to maintain a good fire.
With those two details in place, we have an excellent result from this stove. The single lever gives good control over the ferocity of the flame and the Burley swirling fireball effect is easy to achieve. The stove radiates an impressive amount of heat and seems efficient, as claimed.
Occasionally we have noticed that the ceramic glass collects ash or soot when the fire is left to go out. Burley claim that this is normal and the glass can be easily cleaned with the supplied wire wool, ash & water or even P1000 wet & dry paper. During normal firing the airwash keeps the glass pretty clean. Overall I am pleased with the Debdale - it is well engineered. Both Burley & Stovefitter's Warehouse give good technical support with the latter offering a six-month guarantee for exceptional reassurance.