DTW Standard cowl

Colour & Internal Diameter
Silver 5"
Silver 6"
Black 5"
Black 6"

Doing it yourself? Visit our "How to install twin wall flue" page.

This is a twin wall clip-together chimney part used to build a new chimney. Twin wall clip-together chimney can be as close as 5-7cm to combustible materials (so is also useful for adding atop a stove to bypass a wooden beam).

Stove Fitter's Warehouse offers a full Twin Wall Design Service with all designs prepared within our Twin Wall Design Studio: https://www.stovefitterswarehouse.co.uk/products/chimney-design-to-building-regulations

Duraflue Twin Wall was launched to the market during 2014 and, due to its high quality and innovative design, is already a favourite amongst professional stove fitters. Brackets are strong whereas other brands may be spindly and quality is premium. Do it once - do it good.

Top tip: No fire cement or glue of any kind is used when connecting twin wall pipe to twin wall pipe - it is just push-fit (with a locking band for added security). When to use fire cement on flue joints? Use the SEARCH function and type "sealing flue joints".

Customer Reviews

Based on 203 reviews
Tom Judd
Would use again

Bought the shed kit, with some modifications. Overall, the information on the site was accurate and very useful, whether to do with design, regulations or choosing parts.

I found that the silicon flashing supplied with the shed kit was barely big enough after I’d allowed 70mm all around the 5” TwinWall Flue as it went through the shed roof. I wish I’d opted for the larger flashing, as if you are more than a couple of mm out in your positioning of the roof-hole, the edges of the standard flashing can’t be fixed to the roof. This could be made more prominent on the website.

At the end of the day the job was completed quickly and easily - I wouldn’t have dared attempt it if it weren’t for the excellent site.

Prices were excellent and delivery was very quick.
Another thing I liked was the owner or manager is always willing to give advice on the phone.

Paul Roberts
Without this service we simply wouldn't have a stove now!

Installers in our area were so heavily booked that scarcely any would even reply let alone provide a quote, so a self-install was really the only option for us. The design service and especially the great after-sales support made this possible, and now our stove is up and running, ready for power cuts, gas shortages and anything else the winter throws at us.

That said, it's important not to expect to much from the service. It cannot and does not account for the idiosyncrasies of your property, e.g. do you have adjust the angle or length of the offset section to accommodate joists/rafters and the tiling arrangement on your roof? You still have to do lots of research to really understand the design and the kit you've been given, and to have the necessary tools and (minimal) skills to use them, e.g. if you're going to have to cut tiles, make sure you've access to a grinder and plenty of cutting discs! Also plan your work carefully so that any on-roof stuff can be completed within any rain and frost-free gaps the weather gods see fit to offer you. Don't be alarmed if you end up having to swap out / return components because you need to depart from the plan slightly; the Stovefitters' delivery service is very fast and efficient, and the returns service is good, though you may have to give them a little nudge to make sure everything is accounted for.

Overall, I'd say great kit, great service and great value, so long as you're up for the work you'll need to put in.

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