Deluxe stub-nose adaptor (+ bolts) vitreous to chimney liner


Adaptor: connects the liner to the vitreous pipe, above the chimney closure plate.

Made of HIGH-QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL (beware cheap and thin versions).

The top of the adaptor connects to your flue liner (bolts tighten to secure). The bottom of the adaptor connects to your vitreous flue pipe (pipe that leaves your stove) using two metal to metal self tapping screws. You will actually need to drill a small pilot hole for the self tappers (due to the stainless being extremely tough). Self tappers and drill bit available in the USEFUL ITEMS pack.

Adaptors sold on this site are sold by the Duraflue people: No weak spots and high grade stainless steel. I have purchased cheap cowls in the past and they can fail within a year so don't just buy on price - it's not worth it!

Customer Reviews

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Robert Worsley
Quality and value !

Many thanks Stove Fitters Warehouse, no struggle, no hassle, parts that fit together quick and easy. Job’s a good’n !

Jamie Gibson
Deluxe stub-nose adaptor

A quality engineered item and the bolt fitting allowed me to secure the flue pipe at a slight angle which greatly helped with my chimney coming in from the left hand side.