Flame Genie Pellet Based Firepit NEW MODEL

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I spotted this great little pellet-based firepit at The Hearth & Home Show in Harrogate 2016 and made it my "Find of the Show" (there is always a little treasure hiding somewhere).

The Flame Genie is perfect for those cool evenings: in the garden, on the patios, camping. Your "go-anywhere" camp fire. Reading the reviews in the US it is likely that if you are camping you'll soon attract a few extra friends as the party "warms up".

Is this firepit simple to light? Absolutely. Sprinkle some wood pellets in the base, squirt of BBQ fuel, light. That's it. Pick up your glass and toast the God of Fire.

Smoke? No smoke. Pellets are completely clean burning and the Flame Genie's efficient design ensures there is very little ash at the end of the burn.

Pellets - available easily on the Internet (we used wood-based kitty-litter from our local supermarket - same stuff).

Note that the Flame Genie does not have legs (like in the video). The version we sell is the "later version" and it does not have legs. 

Delivery £10

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