DTW Adjustable wall bracket

Colour & Internal Diameter
Silver 5" 95mm-135mm
Silver 5" 130mm-210mm
Silver 5" 225mm-385mm
Silver 5" 370mm-590mm
Silver 5" 550mm-770mm
Black 5" 95mm-135mm
Black 5" 130mm-210mm
Black 5" 225mm-385mm
Black 5" 370mm-590mm
Black 5" 550mm-770mm
Silver 6" 95mm-135mm
Silver 6" 130mm-210mm
Silver 6" 225mm-385mm
Silver 6" 370mm-590mm
Silver 6" 550mm-770mm
Black 6" 95mm-135mm
Black 6" 130mm-210mm
Black 6" 225mm-385mm
Black 6" 370mm-590mm
Black 6" 550mm-770mm

Doing it yourself? Visit our "How to install twin wall flue" page.

This is a twin wall clip-together chimney part used to build a new chimney. Twin wall clip-together chimney can be as close as 5-7cm to combustible materials (so is also useful for adding atop a stove to bypass a wooden beam).

Stove Fitter's Warehouse offers a full Twin Wall Design Service with all designs prepared within our Twin Wall Design Studio: https://www.stovefitterswarehouse.co.uk/products/chimney-design-to-building-regulations

Duraflue Twin Wall was launched to the market during 2014 and, due to its high quality and innovative design, is already a favourite amongst professional stove fitters. Brackets are strong whereas other brands may be spindly and quality is premium. Do it once - do it good.

Top tip: No fire cement or glue of any kind is used when connecting twin wall pipe to twin wall pipe - it is just push-fit (with a locking band for added security). When to use fire cement on flue joints? Use the SEARCH function and type "sealing flue joints".

Customer Reviews

Based on 211 reviews
Chris J
Outstanding service and products

Order 15679
We ordered a stove, chimney liner and cowl, fitting pack. Before we ordered we got all of our questions answered and advice on the best product to suit us. The delivery was quick, hassle free and dropped on our driveway. The stove looks great and we are so pleased with it, now we can’t wait for winter to use it! We would highly recommend Stovefitter’s Warehouse.

Ian Fellows
Order 15647

The design service was good and the staff running it very patient. I know I am a difficult customer and want to know all the small details of the chimney system and how it is governed re the building control rules. I used their chat line and e-mail until I felt I was properly informed. All very well installing only to find you got something wrong and the having to take it down again! It was the small details mainly.
Anyway - ordered and paid for chimney sections and they were delivered promptly by a friendly truck driver and his mate. On inspection found some damage to a cover plate and reported it as I should have. New replacement part dispatched after photos of damage sent.
Quality of parts is really high. Advice given, staff patience and helpful responses are good. Design service is good.
Have not fitted chimney yet due to other works taking priority but everything now in place to fit soon. Happy to update afterwards.