S-FM10T Log Splitter

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Electric 5 ton Duocut Log Splitter

Key features:

•Heavy duty twin blade. Able to produce 5 tons of force. Splits logs up to 45cm in length &50cm diameter.

•The Duocut blade (patent pending) works withthe fixed blade to split the log from both ends. Increases effectiveness and efficiency by the use of two pressure points rather than one.

•Heavy duty stand allows for a comfortableworking height.

•Ram Stop allows for reduced travel length for a speedier cutting cycle.

•Certificate: CE approved. The machine complies with all the latest safety regulations.

•Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz, weather protected to IP54.

This is a heavy duty log splitter capable of splitting logs up to 450mm in length and 0.5 metres in diameter.

The log splitter is fitted with a Duocut blade which allows it to split logs from both ends. The splitter generates 5 ton of splitting force which in conjunction with the Duocut blade gives two pressure points, rather than one, the resulting force is similar to a 10t log splitter. This makes harder woods and knots aproblem of the past. The Ram Stop adjusts the 15 second cycle time to suit the length of logs you are cutting.

The FM10 comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and is compliant with the latest safety regulations.


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I bought this log splitter on Stove Fitters Warehouse, as it was the cheapest I found online and the website has also given me a lot of good advice on stoves. Unfortunately there were none in stock but I was called by a member of staff who advised there was a 4 week wait but that I could have an immediate refund. I would have preferred to give the business to the Stove Fitters Warehouse but I had a huge pile of wood which was overflowing onto the grass and getting rid of it could not wait any more so I bought it elsewhere! It's a great splitter, which manages most knotted bits of tree. In the first few hours I had split a huge amount of wood which would have taken weeks with the splitting maul and trye!



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