GOODBYE KINDLING: cradle for wood stove or Chimenea (NEW PRODUCT 2015 THICKER MODEL)

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 Man provides fire (or doesn't)

Brilliant: We have one in the shop and I have one at home. Now so easy to light the stove and no need for kindling.

NOTE: People who purchase this product in the shop are amazed at how thick and heavy the product is typically saying "on the Internet it looks like it's going to more lightweight". This thing is not going to expire anytime soon. Not happy - send it back!

Material: The GOODBYE KINDLING cradle is made of a special alloy designed to withstand the high-temperature of glowing red pellets. Fill two thirds and pellets will burn for approx. 20 minutes with embers remaining for a further 40 minutes. Just add logs.

Top tip: Any wood-based pellets will do. In the Wood Stove Hut we burn wood-based cat litter pellets.

Cost: 10kg of wood pellets is approx. £3.99 and you will require less than 10p worth for one GOODBYE KINDLING lighting. A squirt of BBQ fuel works out at a penny or so. Note that 1 lighting's worth of wood pellets is included with the cradle to get you started. BBQ fluid not included. Google wood-based cat litter or wood pellets for fresh supply.

Little cradle you might have helped that night in 2010, when the wind blew cold from deepest Siberia, freezing our soft suburban flesh. The tears and the tantrums from the family haunt me still, as they realised the kindling cupboard was bare; the look of disgust on the dog's long-nosed face as he sighed and dropped his snout to the cold rug; the wife's furrowed brow; my battle to create meaningful flame and fire in our wood burning stove - from the North Wales Weekly News and bits of brightly-coloured breakfast box. The smouldering in the stove, the toxic stench of charcoal - that was the worst: black pathetic spirals weaving amongst the oversized logs.

But I tried. Oh how I tried. I battled through the snow... to the Petrol Station. I'd seen kindling there. Stacked next to the windscreen wash. For the last minute shopper. For the forgetful. For the weaker man.

I WOULD return the hero. Oh the glee in their eyes as I came through that door. The widening of the eyes, the smiles, the pricked up ears. And that was just the sales assistants! No - I'm talking about my family as I staggered into that cold house.

And so I tried again. And again. And again. But the kindling was damp and the evening was spoiled. Failure. Failure as a man, as a father, as a provider.

"Winter's coming lad..."

Julian Patrick: Author of The Stove Fitter's Manual

Mr & Mrs Moss (York). We bought the valiant v4 stove fan and the kindle cradle these are a must for any log burner! Can't believe how easy the kindle cradle makes lighting the fire and the fan pushes all the hot air right out into the room, you can't hear it spinning it just sits at the back of the stove and does its magic! If you going to buy a wood burner don't look anywhere else first class guys well done!!!

Gary Bass (verified buyer). I ordered a kindling cradle - arrived well packaged, and of a much higher quality than I expected. Very impressed.

Julian Patrick June 2015. Such a simple idea and it really is worth every penny. A bag of pellets and a bottle of BBQ fluid and you are set for the winter. No more finger-smelly firelighters and no more purchase and storage of kindling. This thing really works. I now have one in the shop and at home. Does exactly as it promises. And it's heavier and sturdier than it looks.

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  • Hi can the kindling cradle be used with coke briquettes?

    Never tried it sorry