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About the Salamander Hobbit Stove

So cute! The Salamander Hobbit small log burner is a traditional, petite cast-iron stove and probably the most famous small wood-burning and multifuel stove on the market. During late 2015 the Hobbit was featured on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces, this causing a sales spike and a temporary national Hobbit shortage.

Salamander Stoves manufacture the small Hobbit stove.
Snugs, yurts, home offices, boats, caravans, vans, conservatories or any small room are the usual haunts of the Hobbit stove and it lives happily on a diet of wood or smokeless fuel.
Useful install/safety diagram: small stove in a boat/van/shack

Hobbits are perfect for the smaller recess.
The Salamander Hobbit stove is a cast-iron classic and has long been a favourite amongst our customers.

Available with silver fittings as standard, or brass as an optional extra. Standard or DEFRA-approved (for smoke control areas) versions available.
Requires you to also purchase a 4-5" vitreous adaptor to connect to a 5" stove pipe (see "Customers Who Bought This Also Bought"). This part does not come with our "Fitting Pack".

Hobbit Options

Lots of Hobbit options & colours available:

Log store
Coal bar (raises height at which coal/logs can fall out)
Brass fittings


Hobbit is small

The Salamander Hobbit stove is the perfect choice for smaller rooms, snugs, caravans, vans, boats, sheds, shacks, home offices and glamping.

This is a small stove, so logs will need chopping that bit smaller. Don't worry about heat output though - most are surprised that this little stoves emits quite a decent output.


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