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A flue liner is not a product you want to fail within just a few years. Silvacore is designed for professional trade fitters desiring a premium product. 316 or 904 grade liner? 316 Silvacore has a 15 year guarantee and 904 Silvacore a 30 year guarantee.
Silvacore is created from two layers of stainless, compressed together using a technique unique to the brand - a technique that ensures the two layers remain smooth even after a liner has been dragged round bends in a chimney (cheaper liners the two layers split from each other on the bends leading to areas prone to fast corrosion).
The difference is grade of stainless steel. If you are burning wood with occasional use of coal/smokeless fuel then fine. If you are a heavy user of coal/smokeless fuel then one would be advised to choose 904 grade. As is the norm with chimney-liner manufacturers, chimney liner CANNOT be returned as this is a customised cut-to-length item direct from manufacturer on your behalf. Liner can be cut with a hacksaw. Silvacore can be fitted any way up in chimney.

Silvacore "904" liner is 904 grade stainless steel internal, with an extra 316 external layer as additional protection against moisture


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