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Ekol ApplePie paint job: main door only

Charcoal grey
Light grey
Metallic blue
Patriot blue
Mojave red
Apple green
Green illusion

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Andy Ward
Perfect conservatory wood burner

I was looking for a small wood burner for our conservatory, the Apple Pie seemed the perfect solution as the small clearance requirements meant it could be tucked out of the way. (I also loved the slightly quirky style!) Fitted it with a double wall flue, looks great and burns perfectly. Ordered everything from the Stovefitters Wearhouse, really pleased with the quality and it all arrived really quickly. Order number 15548

Timothy Drummond
Apple Pie Stove

Looking for a small stove for my newly built summerhouse,I came across the Apple Pie Stove,after looking at all the reviews on it I decided it’s the right one for my summer house.
I looked up on line at the various suppliers and the reviews and feedback for Stove fitters Warehouse were very positive,I ordered an Apple Pie stove and the Flue kit for a Summerhouse,
They were delivered within 3 days on time.
I installed the flue and stove following the Stove fitters instructions ,all very straightforward.
We now have a cosy stove,for a great price,