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Parkray Aspect 4 Compact Stove

Important: the latest Ecodesign Aspect 5 stoves have a bolted in baffle plate. We do not like this. Sweeps have to remove the baffle plate to sweep the stove and, in our experience, bolts can rust/corrode/become stuck fast. Baffle plates also need replacing sometimes and "easy to remove" is good. For alternatives check out Stovefitter's Favourite Stoves by typing "favourite" into the SEARCH button top right of page (orange text at foot of search list). ***


This is a smaller version of the very popular Aspect 4 stove. So, in other words it is more "compact". Hmmm..., what else to say. 

All Aspect stoves are made in Great Britain, in the South West, where they also make Cider and eat pasties and where Poldark rides his horse. We particularly like the large viewing glass, the modern look and the easy to use handle.

All Parkray Aspect Stoves are DEFRA SMOKE EXEMPT and can be installed in a smoke control area. The Aspect 4 will likely be chosen when other models in the Parkray range are too large (and large some of them truly are!). This stove is perfectly happy with a 5" chimney liner and, having had our share of difficult 6" liner installs.






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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Parkray Aspect 4

Great stove, ordered from stove fitters warehouse with the multi fuel kit and they even price matched it too. Excellent customer service and I was kept up to date on my order and delivery. The stove itself is very good, looks amazing and modern and is so simple to use. Even if you don't get this stove I'd reccomend the website. Order ref:10215

Parkray Aspect 4 Compact - Great Stove

Really pleased with the stove which has modern looks and a big glass window so the fire looks great. The heat output is amazing for a 4kw stove and so much better than the stove we had before.