Parkray Aspect 5 Stove "Fat Face" + Six Months Exceptional Money Back Guarantee


Parkray Aspect 5. Made in Britain would you believe? Crafted in Camelford, Cornwall (don't we all love Cornwall?). This stove must have the largest viewing pane and largest firebox of any stove on the market (as of today, March 2017) and, from what I have heard, has resulted in a huge growth in sales for the company. I'm not surprised - talk about pulling the rabbit out of the hat! Well done Parkray! Bet those Parkray people have all got MASSIVE tv's at home in sunny Cornwall.

Fill one of these monsters with wood and the kids will have no eyebrows left. 





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Excellent service

A good price for the supply of two stoves and twin wall flue. Plus a Julian was available for advice by phone when we were installing.

Parkray aspect 5

The parkray aspect 5 is the perfect log burner that we where looking for. The large front glass allows you to see the wood burning with great
flames. It kicks out plenty of heat and the amount of logs used is minimal. I highly recommend this log burner to anyone looking for a 5kw burner.

Stove fitters where amazing,reliable and very helpful with us to help choosing this product!

Parkway Aspect 5 and Durable twin wall flue

just had building control around this morning to sign off my self fitted log burner and twin wall flue, I was a bit concerned about the drilling through the wall for the flue but once started it was pretty straight forward and took my time fitting the flue and wall mounting brackets but found everything fairly straight forward and any questions or queries were promptly answered by Julian, just been outside and checked the top of the flue as are due to have 50-60 mph winds today and everything looks greats overall very satisfied with Stovefitters oh and the fire is brilliant it sure kicks out some heat!

parkway aspect 5 compact

I was looking for information for on log burners, i found this site ( which is the best i have seen for info and products) i ended buying all my equiptment from here. The service was was excellent pricing competitve and the log burner is extremely toastie.


Parkway Aspect 5 a big hit!

We’ve just had this stove installed & absolutely love the look of it.The installer said it was a good stove & easy to fit.Ordering was easy & it was delivered exactly when the warehouse said.Although we haven’t yet used the stove in anger as it’s too hot outside it has a quality feel about it.We love the big window which looks really modern.The door shut mechanism feels really smooth and not cheap.The air flow adjuster is easy to use too.Theres not much difference in heat output between the Aspect 4/5 but we choose the 5 as it’s a big room & we thought it would look better.Cant wait for it to get cold to really use it.