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Room sealing air kit DG Ivar 5, 8 Modivar and Aste (DESPATCHED DIRECT FROM DG)


Some properties are particularly "airtight" and even some new-builds will fall into this category. In these cases an air vent is required to allow air into the room where the stove is situated, to replace the air the stove sends skywards. This product enables you to connect your stove to the outside of the building with a flexible pipe, thereby avoiding the need for an air vent in the room.

Note that with a 5kW stove an air vent is often not required at all. See our advice page on air vents.

This product is supplied by DG and includes a) the parts required to upgrade the stove to allow direct air, and, b) the parts required to get from the stove to outside the room.

DG 85216 DG Air kit: stove connection
DG 86043 DG air kit: pipe to wall

The DG three-part external upgrade kit: YOU WILL USE THE TOP PART PLUS ONLY ONE OF THE OTHER TWO PARTS (depending on whether you want to draw air from under the floor or from the rear of the stove, usually through the wall behind the stove).





Customer Reviews

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M Jones
Great stoves! Even better service!

We ordered three stoves from Stovefitter's Warehouse after being really impressed by the very useful and straightforward information they presented on their website. Having gone with some DG stoves, we find that our opinions of them match those on the website - they are great and the info provided is bang on.

Arranging the purchase and delivery took a matter of minutes and was completely painless. The stoves arrived exactly as scheduled. It took us a while to have them installed (long story!) but they have been amazing since they've been in.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend any of the DG lineup (we have two DG Ivar 8 and one DG Aste 5). They are so easy to light and a breeze to keep going. The Ivar 8's throw out a great amount of heat (even the Aste can really put it out when it's fully stoked) and it's very easy to control the level of burn through the single lever controls. We find the removable handles a bit of a faff so will be fixing them permanently (a simple job, just putting in a screw) but otherwise they are now the highlight of the day: throwing some logs in and sitting back. The dog now owns the space in front of whatever fire is on!

ORDER #13722

Dan The sun
DG Ivan 8

With an old outdated log burner,costing a small fortune in logs, I took the plunge and decided to buy a new burner. Well, 3 months later, completely confused I happen to find the Stovefitter’s website.

Really annoyed (that I wasted 3 months), I was blown away by the help and advice I was given. Emails were answered straight away, no waiting around, really helpful and knowledgeable team, I decided on a model. Whilst doing a price comparison, I found it cheaper elsewhere, informed Stovefitter Warehouse and before I knew, received an email stating they would beat the cheaper price. Thinking this was too good to be true, placed the order straight away. Within an hour, Stove fitters warehouse contacted me to arrange delivery. 2 days later it arrived in prefect condition.

This is the first review I have ever written and I am only doing it because of the excellent service I received. So many could learn so much from StoveFitters Warehouse,the best firm I have ever dealt with!