Saltfire Peanut 8 Stove - With "Fast Flame" For Easy lighting Ecodesign Wood Burning Stove

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PEANUT 8 - Light your fire, and fast!

The Peanut 8 has a potent, centrally-placed primary air supply that makes lighting logs a joy. Fire almost gone out? As long as you have just a few small embers, all is well. In with a few logs and let the air flow. Watch the "flamethrower" effect do the rest.

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Peanut 8 and Bignut 5 SOLD OUT until approx. Dec 7-14th. Peanut 5 ORDER NOW BEFORE STOCKS RUN OUT SOON UK-WIDE. Happy to take pre-orders for next shipment.

The next generation of cast-iron stoves have arrived and how happy that makes us here at Stovefitter's. Saltfire has created this brand new range of cast iron stoves with contemporary designs for 2019: and what a beautiful job they have done.

Cast iron stoves have been known to last over a hundred years and are known for retaining heat long after the flames start to dwindle. They are also very heavy and solid. The Peanut 8 is available in standard and tall models. The multifuel Peanut 8 has an impressive efficiency rating of 77.9% with a generous 357mm by 287mm viewing window.

Love the "Fast-Light feature" (or as we call it in the office "the turbo").




Customer Reviews

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Excellent delivery service and a lovely stove

Order #10189

Very impressed with Stove Fitters Warehouse, I needed some advice before ordering and gave them a call, Julian was very helpful and informative giving me a good idea of the difference in price range, in the end we went mid-range which was the top end of our budget but seemed worth spending the extra for somethiing which should now last a lifetime. Good delivery too, the guy helped get the stove into the house which was no mean feat as it was 80kg or so!


Saltfire little peanut 5kw stove

Excellent service, stove arrived on time. Brilliant stove, plenty of heat from this little stove and the glass always stays clean. Previously owned a Firefox log burner which was a good little fire however, the saltfire little peanut 5kw is far superior. Also came with some freebies which was a bonus, log moisture meter, log basket and flue thermometer to ensure you regulate your heat on the fire.

Order Number 10145. Peanut Bignut 5 Review

After extensive consultation of the extremely useful Stovefitters warehouse website we chose the Peanut Bignut 5 together with the associated flue and fittings having consulted the relevant parts of the website.

After a quick call to the ever helpful Julian to clarify a few points, the order was placed and duly arrived on schedule.

A weekend of fitting which turned out to be significantly simpler than anticipated saw us with our stove installed and looking magnificent.

The stove itself is well built to a high quality, is simple to operate and really kicks out the heat. The first time we lit it we had to open all the doors to the rest of the house as were getting too hot! Great product and great service thank you!.

Bignut warm nut

This is a lovely fire. I have had it installed around two weeks. It lights so easy and warms a medium open space easily. One evening it heated the room up toasty and it was so warm I opened up the doors and it took the chill from the whole house (3bedroom dorma bungalow). It has a very large viewing glass screen which is lovely to watch. Stove fitters were fantastic to deal with and very reasonable. Brilliant purchase I won’t ever regret and neither will you !

Excellent stove, great value

Waited to review this once we'd used it in anger. Great fire, easy to light but it's best attribute by far is the ability to resurrect the lowliest of embers in to a roaring fire after just 5 minutes of putting a log on. We use kiln dried wood and have seen no issues at all with combustion. When fitted the whole process seemed very simple and the fitters were complimentary on the Peanut saying known to be a good fire. Heat build is as per expected but once up to temperature it warms the room and uses a much lower volume of wood that our open fire did. Stovefitters were a pleasure to deal with and felt like a very personal service. Get one!