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Saltfire Peanut 8 Wood Burning Stove

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The Peanut 8 has a potent, centrally-placed primary air supply that makes lighting logs a joy. Fire almost gone out? As long as you have just a few small embers, all is well. In with a few logs and let the airflow. Watch the "flamethrower" effect do the rest.

Read more about "Fast Light"
The next generation of cast-iron stoves have arrived and how happy that makes us here at Stovefitter's. Saltfire has created this brand new range of cast iron stoves with
contemporary designs for 2019: and what a beautiful job they have done.

Cast iron stoves have been known to last over a hundred years and are known for retaining heat long after the flames start to dwindle. They are also very heavy and solid. The Peanut 8 is available in standard and tall models. The multifuel Peanut 8 has an impressive efficiency rating of 77.9% with a generous 357mm by 287mm viewing window.

Love the "Fast-Light feature" (or as we call it in the office "the turbo").

THIS PAGE IS BEING UPDATED OVER THE SUMMER 2020 and hence has limited information.

Customer Reviews

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I tripped across the Stovefitters website and used it as a source of information whilst hunting for a stove because the site was well written, ‘friendly’, and with good quality information that I couldn’t find elsewhere. Although at the other end of the country to me, I wanted to replay their effort so I ordered the Peanut 5 stove from them, which was a great price (included delivery) and it arrived exactly as stated.

I am VERY pleased with it - it's a super looking little stove and I really can’t recommend 'Stove Fitters' more highly.

Tim Goodwin

Wood burning stove

We are very pleased with our new wood burning stove. Delivery was quick and efficient, it was left by ourselves in a porch for 2 days and pleased that it was bone dry beneath the packaging. The stove looks lovely and is a great addition to the room. It burns very well and gives off plenty of heat. It has given a lovely welcoming family feel to our new dining room.