Saltfire ST-X5 (5kW+) Stove



Excellent mid-range 5kW stove manufactured outside Europe. We have had this on test in the Chapel and we all like it very much. It is a HUGE stove for a 5kW. Steel with a cast-iron door. Very heavy and solid and will last a very long time. 3-year guarantee.

Alternatives? Hamlet Solution 5 Widescreen, Woodford 5 (UK made)



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Second purchase through stovefitters

Second stove and fitting pack bought through stovefitters and the service was excellent. All arrived on time and in perfect condition. Staff friendly again and great value for money. Highly recommend!

Very pleased so far

This is not the style of stove that I would normally go for, but I wanted a 5 inch liner and large firebox. I've already grown to like the way it looks in the few weeks it’s been installed. After having a Morso Squirrel in my previous house, the window in the Saltfire looks huge and gives a good view of the fire. The air intakes provide a lot of control over the combustion rate. The air wash works fairly well but the glass still needs an occasional wipe down, and the griddle can be a bit sticky but it otherwise works very well. I’ve found it belches a very small amount of smoke when opened, but I might just need to do this more slowly. It’s not really an issue for me. Overall I’m very pleased and it came at a good price from Stove Fitters. Thanks!

Great Stove Saltfire XT S5

We are so happy with the saltfire stove. It was easy to season with a few small fires and we didn’t find the smell too bad either. It’s easy to light and the air supplies work very well. It’s so hot we can not keep the door closed. It is a good value stove that is solid and well built. We are looking forward to many years of lovely fires in our Saltfire XT S5. Good customer service from Stovefitters, thank you!

Can't go wrong

Working at Stovefitter's I've seen a fair few stoves on test and heard quite a few reviews of different stoves. I went with the ST-X5 as I was bound by budget and wanted a good stove that would really give me some heat in a very drafty house! With a decent firebox the ST-X5 certainly delivers. Simple controls, well made fire and great viewing window, it's amazing value.

Every bit as good as it's little brother

Having recently bought and installed the smaller ST-X4 which we were delighted with, we figured that the larger ST-X5 would be suitable for our conservatory. We have bnot been disappointed, it looks great and performs wonderfully. Easy to light and easy to control. A perfect addition to our home.

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