Scenario 4 Twin wall chimney system for a TWO-STOREY HOUSE: EXTERNAL (gable end extra)

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Scenario description


Prices shown above are a guide only. However; we rarely stray from these prices as most properties are surprisingly similar.

As standard, twin wall flue will, to comply with Building Regulations, protrude approx. 45cm into the room where the stove is (even on a silver flue this protruding section will be black unless otherwise specified). The flue below this will be single skin black vitreous steel pipe (although you can specify "twin wall all the way to the stove" if you desire at a small extra cost).

Twin wall flue requires NO sealants or pastes or glues. It is "clip together". Nice and simple.

If you are on a gable end then we will require a few extra dimensions. 

The quote process

1. Email us ( and let us know which scenario most closely resembles your situation (even if it is not a perfect fit). 2. Let us know if you require a quote for "all silver", "all black" or "black in room but silver outside" and whether you require 5"more 6" internal diameter (or inform us of the stove). 3. Using the scenario images as a guide of what is required, send us any supporting evidence (sketch/ dimensions/ photos/ notes) as you wish. Note that figures can be rough and ready for this stage - you will send exact dimensions later. You can leave measurement "B" to us if you wish (usually 15cm). 4. Important: if you are on a gable end let us know X,Y,Z from the graphic below. 5. If you require a stove price/availability, let us know your desired stove. otherwise we will quote for chimney only (quotes with stove and scenario combined can be the most competitive). We will send you a return email with a firm quote (Julian may ask you a few questions via email first). What is included within your quote? Your bespoke design (by Julian Patrick, author of The Stove Fitter’s Manual) on large-scale 1/10th scale graph paper (emailed to you). *All of the twin wall parts you need to complete the task with the exception of wall sleeve (rarely used) or telescopic support kit (rarely needed). These two items can be purchased separately. *We include wall brackets, finishing rosettes/plates, cowl etc.

The quote process if on a gable end: additional measurements are required

If on a gable end WE DO NOT REQUIRE measurement G

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