SCENARIO 2: Off the top of the stove and runs externally (max gutter height 7m)

Scenario description

Scenario 2: Twin wall chimney system that comes off the top of the stove and runs externally. Available in black and silver in both 5” and 6”. For buildings with a maximum gutter height of 7m.

Scenario 2 options:

• 2a - First section from stove in vitreous pipe.
• 2aa - Twin wall all the way from the stove.
• 2b - First section from stove in vitreous pipe and out on a gable end
• 2bb - Twin wall all the way from the stove and out on a gable end

VAULTED CEILINGS (NO FLOORS): If you have no floor to bracket to we recommend “Twin Wall all the way to stove”As the flue stability is a lot higher due to Twin Wall having stronger joints than Vitreous. If you can bracket to a wall then you can ignore this advice and the bracket/s will be included in your design and order.

IF YOUR ROOF ANGLE IS ABOVE 40 DEGREES EXTRA ROOF SUPPORT MAY BE REQUIRED. In most cases this would be a Telescopic Support Kit and Guy Wire Bracket, which would not be included in the price of the Scenario.

What is included within your scenario?

• Your bespoke design (by Julian Patrick, author of The Stove Fitter’s Manual) designed using Unique software (emailed to you).
• All of the twin wall parts you need to complete the task with the exception of wall sleeve (rarely used) or telescopic support kit (rarely required unless roof angle above 40 degrees).
The above items can be purchased separately. *We include wall brackets, finishing rosettes/plates, cowl etc.
• Stovefitter’s technical support available Via email or phone at any point of the project.

    Once purchased please provide your measurements

    Please provide details using the "please provide your measurements" box below. Once completed we can begin to draft your bespoke twin wall system. Your design will be created within 5-7 working days and a drawing will be emailed to you for you to check. Once checked we can list and despatch all of the required components.

    Scenario returns

    Scenarios are "complete kits" of components. Individual components unused are for you to dispose of (we do not take spare components back at the end of the process).



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    Great Company! Highly recommend.

    We had our flue system designed by Julian. We were very impressed by the quality of the fittings and the help by Julian and Emma. The goods arrived on time, well packed and undamaged by a helpful courier. We have now had everything fitted and fired up - toasty warm now!

    Twin Wall Chimney Made Simple

    I purchased a 5" Twin wall chimney from stove fitters warehouse, designed and provided by Julian, complete peace of mind knowing that this is of great quality and that the components required are what I get. The system fitted together perfectly and looks great, would I recommend stove fitters warehouse? Yes I would, help and advice, for a first time self installer , only a phone call or email away, thanks to the whole team at stove fitters warehouse for making this so easy.

    Easy to fit

    Bought a DG Ivar 5 and full twin wall system from stove fitters. Excellent service and advice from Julian. I got a good deal from a local Hetas fitter, which worked out only £100 more than going through building regs and doing the job myself. However fitter said twin wall was great quality and easy to put together. All up and running in a few hours and really impressed with the quality.

    Excellent product

    The twin wall pipe is so simple to use. So pleased with the finish. Looks great

    Twin wall reveiw

    Great service arrived promptly.

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