SCENARIO 2: Off the top of the stove and runs externally (max gutter height 7m)


Scenario description

Scenario 2: Twin wall chimney system that comes off the top of the stove and runs externally. Available in black and silver in both 5” and 6”. For buildings with a maximum gutter height of 7m.

Scenario 2 options:

• 2a - First section from stove in vitreous pipe.
• 2aa - Twin wall all the way from the stove.
• 2b - First section from stove in vitreous pipe and out on a gable end
• 2bb - Twin wall all the way from the stove and out on a gable end

VAULTED CEILINGS (NO FLOORS): If you have no floor to bracket to we recommend “Twin Wall all the way to stove”As the flue stability is a lot higher due to Twin Wall having stronger joints than Vitreous. If you can bracket to a wall then you can ignore this advice and the bracket/s will be included in your design and order.

IF YOUR ROOF ANGLE IS ABOVE 40 DEGREES EXTRA ROOF SUPPORT MAY BE REQUIRED. In most cases this would be a Telescopic Support Kit and Guy Wire Bracket, which would not be included in the price of the Scenario.

What is included within your quote?

• Your bespoke design (by Julian Patrick, author of The Stove Fitter’s Manual) designed using Unique software (emailed to you).
• All of the twin wall parts you need to complete the task with the exception of wall sleeve (rarely used) or telescopic support kit (rarely required unless roof angle above 40 degrees).
The above items can be purchased separately. *We include wall brackets, finishing rosettes/plates, cowl etc.
• Stovefitter’s technical support available Via email or phone at any point of the project.

    Proceed to provide details and receive a confirmed quote

    Please provide details using the "Request A Quote" box below. Once completed we can confirm your price and send you a quote. Should you proceed to payment your design will be created within 5-7 working days and a drawing will be emailed to you for you to check. Once checked we can list and despatch all of the required components.

    Scenario returns

    Scenarios are "complete kits" of components. Individual components unused are for you to dispose of (we do not take spare components back at the end of the process).



    Customer Reviews

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    SCENARIO 6 twin wall flue

    I ordered the 1 x SCENARIO 6 twin wall glue system and received all the items including a plan from Julian. All the parts arrived in good time and when stated. Unfortunately one of the pipes was damaged. However once I informed Julian about this a new one was shipped with no issues or questions.
    I have asked numerous questions about my install and have always had a fast and suitable response. I would recommend Stovefitter Manual as all the parts went together really easily and quickly. I would definitely use them again.

    ekol crystal 5 and twin wall flue

    great help and advice online, stove and pipe all arrived well packaged. the plan and drawing for the flue was clear and easy to understand. all in all a very good service, thankyou to Julian and the team.

    Twin-wall system

    The system arrived promptly and in perfect condition. All components present and everything I needed to install a stove in my shed. Thank you very much!

    5 x twin wall installation in a bungalow

    All parts supplied quickly and in an excellent condition . Packaged well and supplied on a pallet .

    Arada Arrow Ecoburn Plus and Twin Wall chimney for a 2 storey house

    Having never fitted a stove or twin wall chimney before I was a bit overwhelmed by all the different parts needed and wanted to make sure I was doing it properly and not missing anything. So I decided to use stovefitters warehouse to help with getting the system right and was very pleased with not just the order but the help and advice I was given. The twin wall system itself was pretty straight forward to assemble with a little help and seems to be very good quality. The hardest part was drilling the hole through the wall, it took some doing but worked out well in the end. It really helped having a drawing supplied by Julian to make sure everything was going in the right place. The stove itself was also installed with the help and advice from the Stovefitters website and a couple of calls to Julian. There was a slight issue with my stove order but it was quickly resolved and I was very pleased with the outcome. I would also highly recommend the Arrow Ecoburn plus, it seems to be very efficient and well made as well as looking good and having a really nice viewing window. Overall I am really pleased with the service, stove and the system supplied and would highly recommend Julian and the Stovefitters Warehouse.

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